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Pokemon trainer dress up

By Hapuriainen
This game won't be updated, ever. So no more pokemon, outfits etc will be added. Please see Version 2 for more options.

Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.


If you post your creation anywhere, please link back by either copying the game's web address or writing something about : iconhapuriainen: without the space so you'll get my icon (these only work on Deviantart).
Please post your creations in your Scraps album and not in the normal gallery, as they're not art made by you.

LOL pokemon

what the hell made me do this?

Naruto creator here [link]

[Edit] Due to... um... popular demand (asked by a whooping 3 people) I added glasses and more colour options for "other" stuff.

[Edit2] Added skin colours, some hairstyles and some pokemon. I'll remember June 16 2009 as the day when I noticed I can't draw pokemon anymore... Also fixed some bugs.

[Edit3]Added one shirt, 2 hairstyles and Eevee, moved the scarves and made different coats for boys and girls. Oh, and made the black darker since many people seem to have had problems with that.

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I can’t access the game

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i forgot the hat so my v.2 form haves a hat btw is one you see is without the hat and i add moe cloths i cant undo is

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Screenshot 2020-04-05 Pokemon trainer dress up by

is me and vaporeon i ty

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Tried to make Ballora
Ballora pokemon trainer by Starloverstudio  BALLORA - FNAF Sister Location - GIF - Pixel art 
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Made an OC, but I don't know what to name him.
No name OC by Starloverstudio  
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Ray! (the ice type trainer)
srry if this will b long
 he lives in snowpoint in north sinnoh and he didnt get a starter but instead found a frozen eevee in the deep snow and warmed it up and trained it and it evolved into a glaceon! he works on pokemon strength and friendship 
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Tried to do Yellow, failed cause of wrong hair color and cause there was no Pikachu

Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 8.04.57 PM by Jungleclaw  
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Pokemon Trainer couple OC MxGRD by Starloverstudio  
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How did you put these image in the comment?
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Frisk and Bendy!
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Or is it Chara??
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Capture by TheMangle202  this is jet. she wants to get every ice and dragon type pokemon. and her best friend glasseon is with her. there great friends
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i love it! had a lot of fun
hello hapurainen!
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