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Pokemon trainer Creator v.2

By Hapuriainen
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So this is the "huuuuuuuge game" I've been hyping for like over a year. I hope it lives up to its hype.

It took over a year to make this game, and I'm done with it. I don't take any suggestions of what I should add to it. Yes, this also means BW2, Gen6, missing characters and items, and whatever specific item that just happens to be crucial to your character. Also I don't take requests, suggestions or any other form of inquiries for free art either.

Regarding "V.3"; I have no interest in making one so please don't ask for it. It sounds like "this isn't good enough for me, can you redo everything?"

I had plans for so much more stuff, but I realised that I'd never get this finished if I tried to draw it all so I had to call it quits. There are a lot of things that bug me about this, but right now I'm really tired of seeing this thing and I hope I'll never have to have anything to do with it...

I had drawn pokemon in numerical order, and it was around Nidorina when I realised "what the hell, there are still like 600 more to draw". But by then I had reached the point of no return.

Some Pokemon poses were copied from official artwork.

F.A.Q here

[edit Jun 14, 2015] Please at least try to say something about the work in your comments. From now on comments that only have descriptions of your character or the like will be hidden.
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Does anyone know what app on Microsoft desktop that I can play this, because I just downloaded it, but I don't have an app to open it up in?

PokemontrainerChrise's avatar

Somehow Flash still works on my Computer

WesltonTheWesl's avatar

Looks like Jan 12 it's gone, I googled it

PapaChaotic's avatar

i in fact cannot use flash anymore.

Cursefinders's avatar

weird i still can and it's the 13 of January

DN-Prime's avatar

aaaand its gone

WesltonTheWesl's avatar

Ok it is the biggest relief ever that i downloaded this to play it in Window's Media Player, i don't have to stop making up characters now! :D

WesltonTheWesl's avatar

Well I can't anymore in window's Media player, but i Downloaded flashplayer_32_sa_debug from Adobe's website and play it through that

Dromaeosaurus21's avatar

How do you download it. Can you please tell me the steps, because I need this game when designing my OC's?

WesltonTheWesl's avatar

There's a download button for this game on the same line as the favorites option, and sent you a message on how i did the download and made it playable

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It speaks to me on another level. I adore pokemon and this is perfect to create some concepts for a Pokemon OC.

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ATTENTION everyone who's trying to download this as an .swf file!

The files will not open properly if you don't have a program that can run it. For Windows users that have Windows Media Player, it works as normal running on that program. You can still use every part of it without any issue (minus the little buttons from the Windows Media Player UI.) I'm going to try to find more programs for you all, I promise!

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So has everyone downloaded all of these flash creators here on da?

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my oc Cartoon Cat | Animated Icons on paint

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My OC, her name is Rosy, she is 15 years old from Ciudad Castelia in the Unova / Unova region. From a very young age she was always very introverted, she always stayed in her house investigating everything about the mysteries of the Pokemon world. She rarely went out and when she did it was only to walk around the city or go to Nacrene City to visit the museum and continue investigating. In one of those many trips, she left the Tile Forest, she met a badly injured Petilil so she took her to the nearest pokemon center for first aid. Once Peetilil is recovered she decides to take her home, however halfway they were intercepted by a wild Vigoroth same pokemon that hurt Petilil to which she decides to escape but they are cornered so she decides to face the Pokemon so that Petillil can escape. But Petilil decides to stay to help Rosy and together they faced vigoroth despite not having a chance. In the end they are saved by the Gym Leader Camus and he accompanies them back to their home and before leaving Camus gives a pokeball for Petilil, Rosy tells what happened to her family, they were surprised, scared, sad and happy . At night she wonders what happened because she knew a lot about the vigoroths and they almost did not come out alive and she knew that there were both stronger and more dangerous people and pokemons out there, so she decides to become a trainer to become stronger . To which she and Petilil go to Pueblo Arcilla to register as a coach. She finally her starting her adventure in the Unova / Unova region and soon to the rest of the world.

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Is there any chance to save this? Cause we need this.

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If you download it, it'll be an SWF file right away. Windows Media Player plays it just fine, if you have that. Or you can find something different.

starwarsfannick's avatar

SWF file, I mean know how to download it but I need to know more as it’s important for everyone to know more.

DimensionalGamer23's avatar

You're going to need to find a program that will run the file, unless you have one already installed on your computer. I have Windows Media Player, but I'm not sure what you have. I'm trying to find a couple of programs that will run .swf files so I can drop them down here.

starwarsfannick's avatar

Can you link me them as soon as possible as the fate of these flash creators hangs in the balance, cause time is running out.

DimensionalGamer23's avatar

According to many sites, I've actually found that just dragging the file into most browser windows does the trick. I'll try to see if I can find a program, but if that works....

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