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Pokemon trainer Ariel



12-year-old Ariel is from Lilycove City, Hoenn, where her wealthy father has been a beloved town mayor over twenty years. Her six older sisters run a recently opened a hall where they show musical performances with water-type Pokemon. Ariel would love to travel the Pokemon world, but her family enjoys being settled where they are so young Ariel never got to travel further than the nearby routes around Lilycove. Her family had expected her to join the musical performances instead of going on a Pokemon adventure, and her father was strongly against her leaving (her being the youngest child made it difficult for him not to think of her as a baby any more, and she didn't do much to convince anyone about her maturity with her bratty behaviour and frivolous money spending habits). A huge row ensued, and she ended up practically running away.

Ariel's first Pokemon is a Crawdaunt given by her father. Due to being a collector she would love to collect more Pokemon, especially water type, but she has very little patience and a short attention span for training Pokemon. So, so far she has only caught a Goldeen and a Wingull. She's not particularly interested in being a strong trainer, but she still would also love to collect Gym Badges for the sake of collecting them. Since training and catching Pokemon isn't exactly her strength her Badge collection is still quite small; she has Heat and Stone Badges because so far she can only hope to win when she has a type advantage. She also tried to collect Contest Ribbons, but her difficult family relationship regarding the water Pokemon musicals made her feel uncomfortable and she decided Pokemon performances aren't her thing.

Her father was not convinced that she could handle herself so he sent his friends to get her back. When Ariel noticed she was being followed she boarded a ship that took her to Olivine City, Johto. There she met Rapunzel who also was starting her Pokemon journey, and they quickly became friends, for Rapunzel too had run away from home. Ariel's plan is to see all the regions and collect lots of water Pokemon (and lots of other stuff too). Rapunzel's company has made her a bit more responsible person so she has realised she has to train her Pokemon to be able to trek through wilderness. Her growing interest in training her Pokemon should help her collect more badges as well, so she's hoping that she'll get more Gym Badges from the Johto/Kanto region than just Boulder and Volcano Badges. She is also running out of funds so she'll have to control her shopping... but that won't happen before the massive Goldenrod Department Store at least.

Ariel's main hobby is collecting stuff, which she does at an alarming pace since she tends to want every cool thing that hits her field of vision. Her possessions have filled her entire room and a separate cupboard, and during her journey she abuses the PC item storage system as much as humanly possible. Her other interests include water Pokemon, traveling, teen magazines and writing to her penpal Jasmine, who also shares her desire to see the world. She is also a very good singer and loves to listen to music. Her idol is Wallace, whom she has met once when he visited the Lilycove Contest Hall, and she has a huge crush on him. However, despite swearing loyalty to Wallace she still regularly crushes on cute guys she sees due to superficial things, but that never goes anywhere because the couple of days she manages to focus on one guy isn't enough for them to even get to know each other properly.


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poor ariel, she need to get rid of many things not only on her bedroom, but in her mind

when we will see sofia's profile?