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Pokemon (non) Princesses 4



Some more Disney ladies that break my awesome naming convention. More thoughts on them here, in "drawings".


Q: What about _____? Will you draw her?
A: I don't know. Please don't ask.
Q: I shall request/suggest/give idea that you should draw ____.
A: Please don't. I can choose who to draw myself just fine.
Q: You forgot ____!
A: I didn't. She just wasn't one of the characters I decided to draw.

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland
With this one of my biggest problems was to keep it different from what I came up with for Belle. I really like how the shirt turned out, and the skirt isn't all that bad either.
Wendy Darling, from Peter Pan
I couldn't decide whether I should draw Wendy or Tinkerbell from Peter Pan so I picked both. Wendy was a disappointment though, there wasn't much I could do with her simple nightgown.
Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan
Okay, Tinkerbell should have that horribly short mini dress, but I already used a design like that for Tiana. So for some variety, Tinkerbell has to settle for pants. I wish I could have used the poofy things on her shoes better.
Esmeralda, from the Hunchback of the Notre Dame
Okay, this is design is way too busy. Esmeralda's outfit had so many interesting elements that I couldn't choose which to use, and ended up stuffing them all into the same design...
Megara, from Hercules
I belive I could have used the hair better, this hairstyle is a bit boring. Overall the design isn't too exciting but it works for me.
Jane Porter, from Tarzan
Despite the fact that I still think I should have made use of her skirt design, and the fact that my design doesn't look all that pokemon-trainerish I kind of like this. It has to be the colours. But since I eyedropped them from a screen shot of the movie it's not really my achievement.
Lilo, from Lilo & Stitch
Most uncreative idea ever for the dress but it still kind of works. I thought if I should draw her younger, but then again it's not like the other characters were drawn their actual age either (as in, almost everyone had to be aged down), so aging Lilo up shouldn't be a problem.
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