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Pokemon Trainer Belle



Belle is 11 years old and she lives in Aquacorde town, Kalos, with her father. They used to live in Snowbelle city and only moved in a few months ago. Belle's father is an inventor but he hasn't been able to make big money on his inventions yet, so the family's financial situation has gotten worse after the death of Belle's mother (trainer class Kalos Beauty) a few years ago. Belle's father figured that in a smaller town they can afford a better lifestyle. 

After her mother's untimely death in a hiking accident Belle became quieter and started spending more time alone indoors. She has a great love for books, and she spends hours reading stories of all genres. Thus she is very well informed in the youth literature and fairytales of the Pokemon universe. In addition to consuming a respectable amount of novels, Belle is also an avid fanfiction reader and writer, and she hopes to become a novel author one day. 

Belle's other hobby is video games. She owns many consoles and a ton of games, and she's a very good player. On the internet she has read someone say that video games are not for girls, and none of the girls in her peer group play as much as her so now she's developed bit of an attitude that she is somehow unique in her hobby. She has befriended Vanellope via internet and the two like to play online games together. Aquacorde town being pretty small means there aren't many kids around Belle's age, and since Belle doesn't share hobbies with them and her interests keep her indoors a lot she doesn't socialise that much. She has started to view girls who are interested in things such as boys or maintaining their appearance a bit shallow and doesn't really try to make an effort to find a common ground with them. 

She is very interested in large beast Pokemon that are strong and ferocious (like Tyranitar, Nidoking or Shiftry) and wishes to have them one day herself. Her beast Pokemon interest extends to the Legendary Beasts of Johto, especially Entei. It is her plan to travel to Johto to find out more about them and hopefully even see them in person. Overall she intends to travel through various regions just for the sake of having a fun adventure, raiding the libraries of the towns she visits and perhaps looking for ideas and material for her own stories. She hasn't started her Pokemon adventure yet though, because while she often speaks about how she wants adventure in the great wide somewhere, she hasn't bothered to leave yet because she's content enough staying home with her books and games for now.

Belle's Pokemon are Rotom, Bronzor and Lillipup. Her Rotom prefers to posses a special Rotom-friendly lamp made by Belle's dad but it keeps the normal Rotom's typing and moves.



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Trainer Belle is a lot like me. I'm also a gamer girl, a writer, and don't socialize a lot.