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Pokemon Princesses 3



Third part of the Disney (or not so Disney) princesses as pokemon trainers. More thoughts on them here, in "drawings".


And now for the non-Disney princesses. I wanted to draw Anastasia as far back as the first pokeprincess picture, but reading through comments of fanart involving both Anastasia and Disney princesses has taught me that tons of people just have to tell the artist how Anastasia isn't Disney regardless of how clearly the author tells that they already know it in the artist's comments. So I thought it'd be better to have the non-disney princesses in their own picture.

I don't intend to draw any more princesses so I'd appreciate it if you could refrain from pointing out how ____ is a princess too; I'm not interested in drawing her.

[Edit: fixed Fiona's hair]


Q1: What about ___? Will you draw her?
A1: I don't know. Please don't ask.
Q2: You forgot ____!
A2: Apparently you forgot that it is in no way obligatory to draw ____. Maybe I chose the characters I want to draw, and ____ didn't happen to be one of them?
Q3: Disney bought Pixar so Merida should be with the Disney Princesses!
A3: I know Disney bought Pixar, but I prefer to think of them as separate entities.

Thumbelina (Don Bluth)
Not too creative with this one, it's practically the exact same outfit as the original with just a shorter skirt.
Odette, from the Swan Princess (Richard Rich)
My favourite out of these, the outfit practically created itself. I wish the others had been as easy... Maybe it's still a bit boring?
Anastasia (Fox Animation Studios)
She was difficult because the character didn't really have an iconic and easily recognisable dress. The only exciting part of the dress were the huge see-through sleeves, which were something I couldn't use too well for an adventurous pokemon trainer.
Fiona, from Shrek (Dreamworks)
Not exactly liking this. Fiona's most defining visual charactersistic was naturally that she's a green ogre, but I couldn't use it. But what about her dress? It's green. and... yeah. What am I supposed to do with that? So the shirt turned out pretty boring. Tried to use the same ribbons Caitlin has for the "ears".
Merida, from Brave (Pixar), summer 2012
The dress she has in the promotional pictures had so little detail that I had no idea what I should do. The only fun part was the sleeves, but for some reason I used wrist band things instead. I wonder how she'll be able to put that little hood over her huge hair anyway.
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Mérida is the prettiest