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Pokemon Princesses 2



Disney princesses as pokemon trainers, part 2.
More thoughts on them here, in "drawings".

Q1: What about ___? Will you draw her?
A1: I don't know. Please don't ask.
Q2: You forgot ____!
A2: Apparently you forgot that it is in no way obligatory to draw ____. Maybe I chose the characters I want to draw, and ____ didn't happen to be one of them?
Q3: Disney bought Pixar so Merida should be in here!
A3: I know Disney bought Pixar, but I prefer to think of them as separate entities. Merida will be drawn later.
Q4: Charlotte is not a princess!
A4: She is more of a princess than you or I will ever be. Anyway she wants to be one so hard! (Please don't comment on Giselle's princessness either.)

Eilonwy, from the Black Cauldron
Meh design for a meh character. I like the skirt, but everything else was just throwing around random stuff for the purpose of having the character complete the lineup.
Jasmine, from Aladdin
My favourite design out of these. I seriously thought whether the hair ribbons were too much, but I decided to use them because a) it's not like she was a particular tomboy, wearing pants was more like a cultural thing, and b) I didn't want to give her huge earrings because I thought they wouldn't suit a young pokemon trainer, but I wanted to use their shape somehow.
Not happy with this one. I alternated between pants and skirt, but the skirt made it look too much like a copy of her original dress and not a new design. The bandanna on her head was a necessity to hide the fact that her hair turned out horrible when I drew it.
Kida, from Atlantis : the Lost Empire
Mmmh... a bit too busy a design. I thought if I should give her only one sock or arm... warmer... thing for she only has jewellery in one arm and leg, but pokemon characters tend to be pretty symmetric and she already had a lot of asymmetry going on. Not exactly happy with how the skirt turned out; the original design would have given opportunities for a more interesting design but I couldn't work it into something that'd suit a pokemon trainer.
Giselle, from Enchanted
Okay, the hat has nothing to do with the character, but all the player characters have hats so I wanted to give her one. I like how the design, pose and art turned out, even if it might not remind the character that much.
Charlotte la Bouff, from the Princess and the Frog
Ohohohohooo yesss I love Charlotte~~~
Same as with Giselle, I like the design even if the character wasn't that recognisable. I'm still thinking that I should have used another hairstyle of hers though; the one that went with the pink ballgown is a bit stupid.
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Charlotte IS a princess tho! Princess of Mardigras :D but Disney cant officially "princess" her bc she comes from another princess's movieCharlotte

either way, i love your art! it's beautiful <33