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Magical Girl Dump 4

Originally posted on my tumblr.

-Some Tokyo Mew Mew stuff
-Magical Girl Wooloo gijinka
-"draw this character in this outfit" ask prompt things from tumblr
-Sayaka from Madoka
-Magical Girl fusions
-Magical Girl Raising Project

SenshiStock poses used.
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I adore your art style and the last one on the left is soooo pretty
PuzzlingRubbish's avatar
i've been obsessed with making magical girls lately. I missed Magical girl March this year but i like designing them off of themes. these are making me get inspired again :)
PundayMonday's avatar
I love the Wooloo magical girl design! The dark skin works great with how light colored her hair and outfit are

Are there any other Pokemon themed magical girl designs coming up in the future or not really?
Hapuriainen's avatar
The Wooloo design was for an ask prompt rather than a topic I came up with myself so I don't have any more planned, but it's not ruled out entirely since I can have more requests open in the future or I guess just be randomly inspired to draw pokemon themed characters.
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These are so cute and fun! I love a lot of the colors and designs. 
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