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Madoka Magica dress up

By Hapuriainen
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Whut is this series?
I'd like to have a game of ___, can you do all the work for me? (includes suggestions, ideas, "just sayings" etc)

Awesome series with horrible dress-uppability. They only had like 2 outfits each!

This game has a lot of new coding; some of it makes it more pleasurable for the player to play it, while some makes it a lot more pleasurable for me to code it. What took me thousands of lines of coding in the times of the Nami dress ups can now be squeezed in around 30 lines. Sure makes my life easier...

Good luck finding the not-so-secret character! Please don't ask about it or reveal its location in the comments, that's not fun. If you can't find it and can't live without knowing send me a note or something.

F.A.Q. here
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Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 7.24.20 PM by BooLooCrew  
Madoka can't ruin my purpose now......I. AM. MADOKA!
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me too i love madokaMadoka Head Bop 
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 i love madoka Madoka Smile Icon  and mami Mami Smile Icon  and sayaka Sayaka Talking Icon it's so cute
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Sorry I don’t know very well English
paperdoll puella magi madoka magica please 
you can post pictures of the game clothes and accessories to make paper dolls

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Not sure if I understand, but I'm afraid I'm not planning to post the dolls and clothes separately. 
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Oh my god, the secret character is adorable! I love it! 
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This anime terrifies me. (Rewatch episode 3)
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lol the secret character
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I was like, "I unlocked this character before, I remember... But how did I do it?" I experimented and, voila! I found it! Yaayy!
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Yay! I found the secret character!~
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WHAT!?!?!?:tardshake:Gaster Le Gaster Lick Hatsune Miku Icon SurprizedMind blown Sans Shrug Underswap Sans Icon [F2U] 
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I've been searching forever and can't find the character lol! I'm gonna keep searching though!
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i found the secret character while doing that

it was worse though
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I think the black girl's name is Akemi because i think Homura is a surname
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Uh, her first name is Homura, with Akemi being her family name. 
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And Sayaka is so cuteSayaka Talking Icon Sayaka Talking Icon Angry Sayaka Emoticon GIF Sayaka Talking Icon 
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SakuraAnimeLover3's avatar
Yey Kyoko!!!Kyoko Singing Icon Kyoko Annoyed Icon Kyoko Surprised Icon Kyoko Smile Icon Kyoko Confused Icon Puella Madoka Magica - Kyoko icon Kyoko Jammin' 
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Happy Mami's day!!
Mami Smile Icon Mami Head Icon Mami Smiles Icon Mami is Triggered again PMMM - Mami Gun Point Mami Tomoe emoticon Mami Talking Icon Mami Worried Icon Mami Confident Icon mumi why 
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can you make an option where we can use demon homura and goddess madoka's outfits?
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I'm not really interested in updating this thing any more since it's pretty old.
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okay :( it's a really good game though :D
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