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Draw Everything June 6

It's this challenge again!

1. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
2. Ojamajo Doremi
3. W.i.t.c.h.
4. One Piece
5. Pokemon
6. Dazzling Pink Precure! (my Precure fanseries)
7. Spy x Family
8. Tokyo Mew Mew
9. Zombieland Saga
10. Trinity Blood
11. Tropical-Rouge! Precure
12. Zelda Breath of the Wild
13. Delicious in Dungeon
14. Witch Hat Atelier
15. Yashahime
16. Magical Girl Raising Project
17. One Punch Man
18. Attack on Titan
19. Star Twinkle Precure
20. Healin' Good Precure
21. Azumanga Daioh
22. Zelda Breath of the Wild…
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I was really excited when I saw Will, but then I scrolled and saw Agott and got even more excited!

Witch Hat Atelier is such a good manga, I'm so glad you read it! Emoji02

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That looks amazing! Will is my favourite!

phoenix509's avatar

Ahhhh!! These are all so good! It's really nice seeing how much your art has developed

Train-Tracks-1931's avatar

Some very nice characters and poses here! Great work as usual.

Seeing any artwork for Azumanga Daioh makes me smile :)