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Dazzling Pink Precure outfits

Henshin, casual, school uniform & summer school uniform.
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Oh, I finally found them! I recently remembered about this all-pink magical girl group, but I absolutely forgot who designed them! Amazing ^^

Fire-Link's avatar

Nice work. How's things going?

QueenMackDrama's avatar

Hey Hapuriainen! I heard one of your games has been brought back thanks to DollDivine!

SamiCat1's avatar

Will you like to create me(aka SamiCat1 (Sami)), PrincessofIndia12(Tvisha), SandyKim(Kim), MissMoonshadow0501(Kuyar), and Gamers666girl(Gamey) as Precure heroes?

Hapuriainen's avatar

My commissions are currently closed for the foreseeable future.

CelestialShimmer's avatar

You could commission them when they have commissions open

kiraneko4's avatar

looks awesome. i'm assuming they all go to different schools. how do they meet? or do they not know each other's civilian identities?

Hapuriainen's avatar

They meet when they all go to investigate some kind of monster attack and then form a team.

kiraneko4's avatar

sounds really cool. will you write a story to it?

Hapuriainen's avatar

I would like to but I'm not sure if anything will come out of it.

kiraneko4's avatar

i see. well, if you need someone to bounce ideas with...

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These outfits are really cute.
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They look supper cute! I love the outfits~! They almost look like idols. Especially in that first panel.

phoenix509's avatar

Everytime you upload something for the All Pink Character idea, I get excited because it's just such an amusing concept lol Really digging these designs so far ^^

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Hey I know you don't make any new game creators but the ones you have don't work anymore since Flash is no longer operational

CelestialShimmer's avatar

They've know since December

dcaldwell101's avatar
PPGirl16's avatar

I'm pretty sure she already knows….

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