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AC2013#25 Pokemon Girls dress up v2

By Hapuriainen
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-Female characters from Pokemon-

Disclaimer: This dress up is a prize in a lottery, I don't take requests/suggestions/ideas/other inquiries for free art. The subject was chosen by the lottery winner and I may not be a fan of the franchise or know anything about i- okay nobody is going to believe that.

This one got a liiiiiiittle bit out of hand. I like the old Pokemon Girls dress up and since I like Pokemon designs I'd love to include the new characters too, but updating it would be a horrible pain since it uses a very outdated coding system. Then I got a lottery entry with the subject "Johto Pokemon girls", and of course I couldn't stop just after a puny six characters. Then things escalated quickly.

Please consult Bulbapedia if you want to know who someone is, if you act like you don't know how to use google in the comment section you'll probably just be directed to the Let Me Google That For You Website. 

Please do not request/suggest/"just wonder/ask" me to add whoever of the 400+ female characters in Pokemon you'd happen to like to have in the dress up. And no male version, I have no interest in drawing that.

Other days (I'll update the links later...):
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Lottery entry by ~agehunt.
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My favorite Pokemon girls.

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Tada! Here's Lyra from Pokemon HGSS!
Kris in Lyra's Clothing by mixelfan57  
Wait a sek...
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hey whats gonna happen to all your games when flash is terminated? are you going to remake them using another software and repost them or whatever one would have to do to convert a flash game? I'd hate to see all these games disappear, they're some of the best i've ever seen on deviantart.
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I really see no reason for them to discontinue supporting flash. Adobe is a rich company so it definitely isn't a financial thing. Kinda sucks though; most of the dress up and room decor games I used to play when I was little are going to stop working, so no more nostalgia trips I guess... oof.
Hapuriainen's avatar
I don't really know of any other software to make games with, but if I manage to find one I'm going to use it for making new content. Remaking over 100 dress ups that are years old doesn't feel like a particularly good use of my time... So unless a solution appears from nowhere I guess unfortunately they'll just stop working.
WingsofBadApple's avatar
i expected as much. ^^ adobe should introduce a software that flash running games and websites can be transferred onto or something. would entirely defeat the purpose of terminating flash but idk what else. in regards to remaking the games, perhaps if you were to over time remake some of your more popular games? that would suffice and be better than remaking all of them. idk, your choice.
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The more popular games are the big ones, so that would still be a ton of work... Assuming I'll be able to find a way to continue making dress ups in the first place.
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true true. i really don't know. i guess we just wait and see if a solution is created or something, if not I guess we're all screwed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ have a good one.
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Can you make an update with Trainer Selene from Pokemon Sun & Moon and the Female Protagonist from Sword and Shield please?……
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I'm not really planning to update this one any more.
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could you add serenas short hair
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There's already Serena's Dress Up where you can pick her hair

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Screenshot 2019-02-24 at 20.14.57 by WingsofBadApple  
I made an OC, Tsubasa. Her whole deal is that she loves Wingull for some reason and has a crush on this one Team Rocket member with a heavy japanese accent.
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I asked you.
What are the clothes in Dress section page 2?
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Uh, they are dresses from Pokemon.
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Guess which pokemon girl wears this white dress?
Whose Pokemon girl's dress is for by Perpetuum-2
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I think it's Anthea.
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is there one for male trainers as well
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