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AC2013#25 Pokemon Girls dress up v2



-Female characters from Pokemon-

Disclaimer: This dress up is a prize in a lottery, I don't take requests/suggestions/ideas/other inquiries for free art. The subject was chosen by the lottery winner and I may not be a fan of the franchise or know anything about i- okay nobody is going to believe that.

This one got a liiiiiiittle bit out of hand. I like the old Pokemon Girls dress up and since I like Pokemon designs I'd love to include the new characters too, but updating it would be a horrible pain since it uses a very outdated coding system. Then I got a lottery entry with the subject "Johto Pokemon girls", and of course I couldn't stop just after a puny six characters. Then things escalated quickly.

Please consult Bulbapedia if you want to know who someone is, if you act like you don't know how to use google in the comment section you'll probably just be directed to the Let Me Google That For You Website. 

Please do not request/suggest/"just wonder/ask" me to add whoever of the 400+ female characters in Pokemon you'd happen to like to have in the dress up. And no male version, I have no interest in drawing that.

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Lottery entry by ~agehunt.
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