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Well, it has been awhile. So, time for Snape! :D

(Property of JK Rowling, product of time well-wasted. Now I'm going back to homework.)
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Wow, this looks fantastic. Such a great style for Snape. He really does look like one of those Wizards from these middle age movies I love to watch so much. Wonderful portrait of him :D

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This is how I think of Snape. Imperfect but still beautiful to me! I love this work.
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He resembles Dante! Superb work.
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That nose gives me nightmares. I am kidding...
Amazing - that's exactly what he looks like ;-;
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So realistic! But he doesn't look like a man in his thirties. He seems to me too much older than that. And his face is so wornout! Btw, the use of colours and shadows looks superb.
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Maybe his face is so worn is because his history as a Death Eater was a little disturbing for him and weighs the man down?
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perhaps... he had a dark past, that's a wonder how he still conjures such a powerful patronus... Lily's love was strong indeed... Always. :iconpinklilyplz:
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This guy would fit amazingly well in the book "on ugliness by umberto eco......imo.......
Very well done Haptic :love:
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Why hasn't this gotten a Daily Deviation yet?
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It very nice ! I love the nose !! Brilliant!
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Great work, but how old is your Snape, 59? ;)
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Brilliant bit of work, seriously.
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I would say this portrait is probably the truest one I've seen depicting the character JK Rowling created. Everyone seems to picture Snape as fairly attractive in some way, and I admit I do, too. However, he really isn't meant to be attractive in any way, besides his loyalty and courage. There's quite a lot of what she describes in your version and the realism of those features here is fantastic. Bravo!
I disagree. Snape is only described as ugly by those that hate him the most, and who are mostly unreliable in their interpretation of the world, namely Harry and the Marauders.

Also, if you look at old photos of Rowling's chemistry teacher, whom Snape is based off of, and you'll see a not bad looking man with dark curtain hair and a large nose.

I think the only factual thing that can be said about Snape's appearance is that he looked unkempt, had light skin and long dark hair with a pronounced nose.

All opinion of course. Regardless, your artwork is beautiful, Haptic.
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Yay! Canon-Snape! Thank-you!
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brilliant ... pure and simple.
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I think you capture his personality really well in this. :) ...that and this is one of the only pieces I have seen where his hair is sufficiently greasy.
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Thank you! I do love me some grease-ball Snape. The dirtier he gets, the more I love him.
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Ah, I should have known this was yours!!! I was scrolling through SpinnersEnd--I've fallen way behind--and I was immediately arrested by the realness of this Snape. But it totally makes sense, because I've always loved your Snape. This is amazing, as usual.
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Oh, me too, so far behind. College really caught up to me this year. I haven't been around but to glance in my messages folder now and again. Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate it. :hug: It's always so lovely to come back to the HP fandom, because you guys are just so nice to me.
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