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One Million Lines

"With you, I'm brighter,
My eyes like lighters.
They shine
my parker.
Up with the wind,
Up with the skies
Up with the fears --
But you know with you,
I'm fine.
One million invisible lines,
Out your head, and into mine.
We're just fine."
U+Me by Dan Black

This is the video that inspired the piece. It's AMAZING. (I highly recommend you go watch it! :heart:)

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I totally just came across this on tumblr earlier today and fell in love with it. Beautiful. <3 
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I LOVE that video! And I LOVE this art!
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Blue as the sky and black as the mountains. Good thing they wear the same colour.
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THIS is where it's at. This is exactly what I would like to see more of! I seen the video before coming across this, and I found the vid invigorating at the time, but I wish I could turn inspiration into this! :-(
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This is absolutely fantastic!! :heart:
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This reminds me of a fanfic I read in which McCoy and Spock had to make a link between their two minds in order for McCoy's memories to not be wiped by and evil alien.

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omg i love that video!!! i've probably watched it like a 100 times
was so excited to see this piece of artwork XD
i was like, i know this!!! lol anyways, awesome photo
great composition and wonderful color
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So nice ! I love the faces and the "I don't feel nothing for the guy next to me" expresions... but we know best xD ! love it !!!
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Wonderful. Your style is so distinctive and evocative.
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Awesome!! ;____________;
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wow very cool
simengt's avatar!!
Especially those texture and their emotion...:heart:
One million lines... yep their relationship is too complecate
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Thank you!!

Too complicated is right... but wow was it worth it in the end!
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This is really intricate. Well done.
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