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January 9, 2011
Today is Snape's birthday, and what better celebration than featuring a wonderful Fan Art of him? Black Magic by ~HapticMimesis shows a younger Severus, being tempted by the Dark Arts. What really fascinates me is the expression of wonder in his eyes, searching for an answer, seduced by the dark side.
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by Vizen
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Black Magic

A young Snape, metaphorically seduced by the Dark Arts. Fascinated, enthralled and disarmed, he searched deeply the heart of his own demise. A tragic love affair, in which his passion made his end.

For the Spinners End third challenge, "Magical Snape".

Of course, Snape and the wizarding world he inhabits belong to JK Rowling. :)

Edit: WHAAAAT??? A DD???? THANK YOU!!! :D :la: :dummy: :boogie: Thanks in particular to Vizen for the recommendation, and to all the lovely people over at :iconspinners--end: for their friendship and support! :) <3 Honestly, this just made my day. Probably made my entire year, really. Happy Birthday, Mr. Snape, sir!
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CathFreaky's avatar
Yaaay Snape ! ~One of my fav charas~
snapeonfire's avatar
To be or not to be, Severus. Say it...
Cederlina's avatar
God, I love your Snape. I want to marry him. I love your oil painting like style as well, and the skull is such a fitting, symbolic image.
ArvenaPeredhel's avatar
This... this is absolutely beautiful. No question.
fandomfan's avatar
Love the skin-tones here, so few Snape pictures really capture that sallow complexion the books describe.
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
The style you have used to paint this is really beautiful.
SenselessJabberwocky's avatar
I've got no words. it's... it's wonderful!
Zireael07's avatar
I love his face and nose and hair and eyes and the expression and the skull and the snake. Awesome!
purambo's avatar
InvisibleDeath's avatar
Made my eyes watery. He had such a hard life. So little happy moments in it.
HapticMimesis's avatar
:hug: Yes. And unfortunately, like many of us, his undoing was his own choice. He may have been horribly mislead and disillusioned, but ultimately, he himself chose to walk the dark path. However, what makes him compelling, in my opinion, was not the pity we feel for his pain and distress, but rather his beautiful, tragic journey back to the light. He recognized his error, and made superhuman efforts to redeem himself, despite knowing that the person he prized most was lost to him forever. He ultimately gave his very life, and probably considered it an equitable trade. That, for me, is what I love most about him. :)
InvisibleDeath's avatar
For me too. I still feel sad for the fact that Lily would have loved him back if it wasn't for his attraction for the dark arts. :/
Starlace's avatar
This portrays Snape so wonderfully, and I love the symbolism. :)
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you! :aww:

It's ironic for poor Severus; he wears his fate on his forearm the entire time. He thought he was choosing a way of life, and it only brought him death. It still makes me sad to think about it. :'(
ciphermomiji's avatar
i love it <3 !
its feel so sad , i like it really :heart: !
arachnia86's avatar
Skull-bites snape on nose
snakebites snape on nose
HapticMimesis's avatar
nose swells and grows. bugger.
Alaska91's avatar
Lady--Dark's avatar
I have fallen in love with Severus all over again.
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