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LeStrange. My own personal interpretation of a deliciously evil character created and owned entirely by JK Rowling. I might come back and change a few things later.

For :iconlauralf:, who has been very kind to me. :)
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Wow, you've really captured Bellatrix well. She's eerily, scarily physically beautiful, yet so so wrong at the same time. (The character, not your drawing.) I love how you made the fact that she's cracked literal.
leppaberrie's avatar
Wow. :omg: Everything about this picture is so intense!
Lord-Sethran's avatar
Beautifully done! I love your Bella :)
Lilly-F-lie's avatar
This is the best depiction of Bellatrix I have ever seen. I love her character , you have really captured her unstable total insanity perfectly.
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you so much! :D I really enjoyed drawing Bella, because she's so unstable. :) What a lovely character!
SomeLikeItOldSchool's avatar
Gorgeous. This is stunning. Bellatrix just...I don't know, gives me goosebumps. She's so morbidly cool. I love her. I love this picture.
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you! I agree. It's one of the many reasons to love her character! There aren't enough psychotically villainous characters around. :P
SomeLikeItOldSchool's avatar
Haha yeah...well, there's Voldemort himself but even he fails to impress me. Bellatrix all the way!
HapticMimesis's avatar
He hasn't quite got the same amount of *glee* Bellatrix has, does he? XP
SomeLikeItOldSchool's avatar
haha no, and he's not nearly as least Bellarix has a nose xD
Belladelina's avatar
Your work is absolutely astounding!!! Really. I can't believe how incredible it is. The detail is just amazing. The light and shadows are....are....*grabs a thesaurus*...awe-inspiring. *closes thesaurus with a definitive snap* And not just this picture, but all your work. I'm a new fan of your art and can assure you that I will be popping on frequently to see what is new. Keep up the amazing work!! You really are very talented!
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you so much, my friend! What a wonderful review! :hug: Please let me know if there's anything in particular you would like to see me draw/paint! :)
AGlassyCountenance's avatar
Brilliant portrayal of the maddeningly, viciously, brilliant witch!
Its-Me-Alis's avatar
Really well done!

Loved how her face is cracking with a bit of blood trickling, makes me think that she's slowly getting even more mad (than she already is). And her fingers seems smudged with blood, such a nice touch.

Amazing job!
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you so much! :)

Right on with the analysis, mate! That's absolutely right. She was born mad - and then she went to Azkaban. Crazier than a coconut, now.

Its-Me-Alis's avatar
PS: ~Kitsunesspblm was true to her word, she did shared your art and that's why I'm here commenting actually. ^__^
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you so much for the lovely comment! :heart: :hug:
Kitsunesspblm's avatar
The best Bella I ever seen...
Will share this now!
HapticMimesis's avatar
Kitsunesspblm's avatar
My group of whriters loved...
And the way you do Snape as well...
HapticMimesis's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing my picture, and for you're kind compliments on my work! :hug: :heart:
liebedero's avatar
I like the creepy cracks in her skin...
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