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USE THE ENGINE: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] (repeated for emphasis)
Above link allows you to generate your own compositions and to view 48 of the final compositions.

I used the 8 shapes given to me by vormator and programmed an application that generates a unique composition based on user interaction. The user plots coordinates using one of multiple systems, each system has unique contrasts in composition from the others, the user selects a color palette, chooses a number of iterations to occur , each iteration places an object onto a set of coordinates and calculates scale and follows its own inherent algorithmic patterns.

Vormator: [link] is a contest where you are given 8 shapes and a basic set of rules, from that starting point it is a challenge in creativity and process.

The 8 shapes: [link]
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I really like it what you did with the colors and shapes =)
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although i do not think that a generator is art. its rather an art of scripting and programming rather then anything visual, but this a great refference generator for chaos-like compositions and floral designs.
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I'm glad you brought forth this feeling. I knew that it was out there but haven't been confronted with it yet. Some won't consider a program to be truly artistic but to me that point is largely invalid.

To me this project has roots in dada & surrealism; particularly surrealism's concept of automatic drawing and theories of convulsive beauty.

Your entitled to your opinion but to me this is art... the code itself is art and the visual end-product is art. The difference is this art has a logical counterpart. Every single object you see has been placed through a logical statement.

I wrote this program by studying compositional rules and then interpreting them into programming, I choose the assets, the rules, and the patterns that they iterate. The only difference is they have no solid format, they have a level of chaos.

*I do feel that anyone else that uses this generator is part-owner.

With this said, it should be mentioned that this will be displayed as an art exhibition, and has been used in several commercial projects ranging from videos to clothing.
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I very much agree Kyle. It reminds me of automated collage, programming is an art platform that will take a while for critics to agree with. I took a while for critics to agree on film, digital mediums (non programming), and now programming.

You should contact GRL (graffiti research lab), I think these as massive interactive projections would work really well. You should take photos of a few tags and throw ups, make the vectors from those and see if those shapes work well, or ask GRL to give you a few drip images to work with. The only promblem to work with would be the one blue color, but if you pushed towards an random animated pattern it would be really intresting.

Long time no activity, we should do another collaboration perhaps with more paint or sketch qualities so it doesn't feel so digital and programmed.
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i love the resource! i mean that site. thanks for sharing! but since it a generator, sorry, your work doesn't qualify :P. but if you would create that by hand bit by bit, that would be epic! ;)
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my initial reply to this, appears to be missing so I'll just re-state...

I am the creator of the application and the website. This currently equals 300 hours of development.
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i understand. i would feel the same way about a thing like that if i would to write a program. I do like the outcome, and its a pretty cool program. its just the picture generated itself, is "generated", although appears in organized chaos. there is no debate in this, just want to give you a certain merit for coming up with something like that. i will show this to my friend who's crazy about floral designs and made some generators for himself to get ideas from, but not as hardcore like your one.
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