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Zutara - Someone Worth Saving

By happyzuko
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I was switched off like a light
A fighter with no fight
Staring up at the stars
I'd given into the dark

Burned out like a match
At the low end of the crash
The moon glowed like a scar
How did things go so far

Somehow you saw someone worth saving
You pulled me back into the light

Now if ever I can rescue you,
When you need two arms to fall into
You know exactly where I'll be
Just look for me
Oh look for me

When it seems like you have lost it all
And you feel like you're in free fall
Goin' deep into the blue
I will rescue you

When every promise turns to dust
And there's no one left to trust
When you're punchin at the sky
And you're out of alibies
I know how this feels
When the wounds don't want to heal
But I won't forget your grace
Or the beauty of your face

"Rescue You" Jake Epstein

This is my part of a trade with :iconthirdinlineoffour:
Here's the video she made for me [link]
thanks sooooo much buddy!:hug:

zuko and katara got in a fight. some things were said and zuko decided to leave saying "forget it!" tears clouded katara's vision as the forgotten prince faded. "zuko wait!" she screamed as she pulled him towards her. "don't leave me..." :heart:

we just agreed on this scenario/pose. and i requested she used the particular song. it's so zutara right? it kinda mirrors my zutara week "fireflies" submition.

also, i'm considering selling prints. this one included. watch my journal for more info coming later this week.
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This is really good
Aniphine's avatar
Awesome. That's so cute. :aww:
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really good i think you did an awsome job
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i saw the vid she did for you and I thought it was awesome. Your pic is beautiful-like always. :D I love her arms wrapped around him like that. So sweet.
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This is definitely awesome! I love it! The environment and the dark tones! I love it!
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glad u love it =D
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Beautiful :clap: And I love the song!
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ahhh the classic running into a back hug after a couple of dramatic lines from both parties...ish
dudee the darkness!
i like zhe darkness!!!
*every into the darkness lately*
happyzuko's avatar
ah yes a very cliche anime pose, yet effective. ;)
the dark is so emotional, it makes a good scene. =D
zutaraxmylove's avatar
always effective.
sadly doesnt work in real life >_<

i like zhe darkness
*no i'm not emo*
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Nice, yo!

The pose kinda reminds me of Zuuki... and we did discuss Zuzu's hair earlier...
happyzuko's avatar
haha yeah zuko pretty much looks like shiki in this pic. :giggle:
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They look like fraternal twins XD
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thanks mvn
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ooooooooooooooo, its BEAUTIFUL! i LOVE it!! :excited:.
thank you :heart:!
happyzuko's avatar
Oh good!!! =D
Feel free to use it in your videos.(or any of my art) :hug:
ThirdInLineOfFour's avatar
thanks :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:!
your art is always amazing :heart:.
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Looks very powerful. Nice job
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