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Think before comment stamp

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Slogan by *bowerydweller

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Of course, the people that don't think in internet the comments that they write when they have all the time to think of, just proves that they are indeed people of any age that have no sense of responsibility
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LaterenHobbyist Digital Artist
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Tanuki88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so true. People need to really think about words they're about to say.
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WerecatqueenNicHobbyist Writer
Indeed...there was a time where I was worried about my already washed out state getting slammed by a hurricane (luckily it didn't) and instead of being concerned for my safety, one of my "friends" (who was also a watcher of mine) decided to make a DISGUSTINGLY tactless joke

And when I get mad...he decides to play victim by pulling his stupid ass "YEEEEEESSSSSH" card

So glad I manned up and blocked his ass
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Esthefania2018Student Digital Artist
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DoggutszHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah same, but people should still be able to show their opinion, even if it’s an impulsive comment
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Hey there! I'm using this!
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MarbletismStudent Traditional Artist
Yes please
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XenoBlazeXL666Student Artist
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Polarized-WolfHobbyist General Artist
I tend to get suspicious if I get a watcher that seems to have harassed someone..
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SpiderFingers15Hobbyist General Artist
SAME! One time someone watched me and then I learned he was really rude and ungrateful so I blocked him
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charaDetermineHobbyist Artist
using ^w^
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MariMineCraft333Student General Artist
Using :3  
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Rahula87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Completely agree, i support intelligent watchers, hopefully the few watchers who really talk to me are smart and intelligent. Few but good!
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RubixTheArtisticMonkHobbyist General Artist
How do you use stamps?
...Or do you need to be core to use them?
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TheHolyBagelHobbyist General Artist
Copy this if you want to use this stamp----> :thumb81946272:

It works on journals, profile etc. but not comments.
There should  be a thumb on every stamp below where it shows the date. This thumb is just for this stamp.
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RubixTheArtisticMonkHobbyist General Artist
Ok thank you :D
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TheHolyBagelHobbyist General Artist
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TheGrumpiestPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Boy, ain't this the truth.
I often get sick of the simple minded idiots with verbal diarrhea that can barely say anything worthwhile...
If I had a dollar for every stupid, worthless, one worded comment I have gotten, I'd be so fucking rich...
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CBear624Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good god, I do too

Some people needs to think about what they need to say to an artist 
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HaileyCraftedHobbyist Traditional Artist
I should be like this more alot. Because I just hurt an artist feeling just now :(
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Sadly, most people don't... Xc
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