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Kao-ChouHobbyist Digital Artist
Uninstall life i shall
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Pegashi12Hobbyist Digital Artist
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GeorgiaDriftStudent General Artist
SHARIDANTINALILA2196Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I need one these days since the day I pushed away my true love for my crappy ex who didnt even give a f***k about me and my feelings.
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Littlefoot505Hobbyist General Artist
Tell me about it. Sometimes I really, REALLY wish I could just hit "Ctrl-Z" and undo my mistakes.
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I'm but I don't really understand. Do you mean with that that there is something like a button to edit something in the world (including places and maybe also peoples?)?
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Tru. Sometimes, when I fuck something up in real life, I just go "CTRL+Z, CTRL+Z, shiiiiiittt..."
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SkyrokeeProfessional Digital Artist
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MariMineCraft333Student General Artist
Using :3  
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FriendlyHougenHobbyist General Artist
Sometimes, I wish my life had a CTRL+Z button.
Oh wait that's the same thing shit
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KionaAuraHobbyist General Artist
That would be nice, but if I weren't to mess up, I wouldn't be here today. 
I need a magical power like that, but too bad no one has it. XD
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C0pykittenHobbyist Artist
Yea.... I think we wish we all did.
I LOVE your icon btw Meow :3 
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Mental--WolfHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I can edit my mistakes in live, and undo the things I did to make people upset.
I wish I could edit MYSELF, since... well... me being born was a big mistake, almost like a bug in a program made me like a glitch. I want to edit myself into someone who isn't worthless and pathetic. Someone who isn't so depressed. Someone who isn't anxious. Someone who isn't paranoid. Someone who isn't sleep-less...
Sometimes I wish I had a delete button as well, just to delete myself.

I honestly agree with this stamp. Thanks for making this~
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DedKinqHobbyist General Artist
Dude, I don't even know you but what I do know it you're amazing. You've had the courage to continue; although you've gone through depression and self-doubt. Everything will get better. 
You may be paranoid. Everyone's paranoid. Some just know how to hide it. You may be sleep-less, but that doesn't make you any less of an amazing person. Don't ever delete yourself. You'll be okay.
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cakebytesHobbyist General Artist

Money: 9999999999999999

*trips* * breaks glasses * 


<log>:broken glasses:12:00<>
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littlesplashdogHobbyist Digital Artist
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snowy-niightsStudent Digital Artist
sometimes?! more like all the time.
totally using
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ParakeetTheIceWingHobbyist General Artist
Using...my new edit, undo, and redo life buttons!
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Wretched-WindyFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
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GlitteryMoonlightStudent Traditional Artist
There shall also be an undo or reverse 
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FawnussHobbyist Digital Artist
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