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This stamp is butthurt

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It usually happens that you express your opinion about something and this is not taken as a real, subjective opinion and you in example are called immediately a troll.

Well, just like this case, in some situations disliking or hating something by X reasons or having a negative opinion about some specific subject automatically makes you a "butthurt" or something. One of the major examples is when you say you dislike or you hate Encyclopedia Dramatica's antics by X reasons, and some people think you are mad about it, which is funny.

Sometimes opinions can be based on "butthurt" like when someone dislikes your favorite TV show and you tell them they are an idiot by that. But this is not always the case.

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Ikr, I knew someone here who disagreed with a pairing in a calm and mature manner, and some jerk replied calling him butthurt.
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Thank you for making this.  I've been called similar things such as "man-child" just for having negative opinions on stuff such as when people try to reinforce negative stereotypes.  Why, even as I speak, some... jerk has probably made an article of me on the "Atrocious Deviants" Wiki, or even on "Encyclopedia Dramatica", and I simply don't like it.  There's a reason that I believe that there is a such thing as bad publicity, because quite frankly, it is not always deserved.  How can I "grow thick skin" when others twist criticism into outright bullying?

But back to the negative opinions; you are allowed to have negative opinions, even on others' opinions, as long as you're reasonable about it (and I should know; I lost my patience for a while because of other people not understanding where I was coming from, but that doesn't make me *ahem* sore, because at least I'm self-aware by this point).  Opinions in general aren't fully neutral and can be criticized if they're not well-founded (then again, opinions are inherently biased, as I've been told time and time again, but that's aside the point).  However, that doesn't mean you should call someone "wrong" just for having an opinion.  Believe me; I've met someone on here who got very sore at people's negative opinions on stuff this person happened to like, and he lashed out at them... but I'm not going to say any more, or else I'll go on too much of a tangent.
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Thank you! I hate it when people use the term "butthurt" when someone is just simply disagreeing or speaking ill of it. I also hate the "lol yo mad bro/bruh!?" when you say something that isn't positive about something or even someone. Seriously, it's like grow up. You're not always think positively about all matters. It's not cuz you're "butthurt" or "mad". It just means you disagree with something or someone. 
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Learn what "butthurt" means before you use it.
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Hating Puffy AmiYumi does not made me like a butthurt person
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Not liking One Direction does not make me butt hurt. 
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This applies to being used by trolls and cyberbullies often, even overused by the most pathetic, immature, childish trolls who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives but make rumors about other people they don't know who have a right to their own opinion about characters, fandoms, shippings, movies, books, shows, etc. and someone tries to twist that user's words around by pasting words and using videos that don't even make a good argument debunked. Not to mention trolls like that should just mind their own business and let other fans of movies, characters, shows, games, and books have a right to love those fandoms in their own way and not be called out over stupid things like different opinions and beliefs about them. Sometimes the term "butthurt" is a troll's favorite word to use whenever someone hates their bad attitude for RIGHT REASONS and they don't wanna listen, because they must be too butthurt themselves to listen and mind their own business.
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Unless they're being all like "YOU STOOPID I DISAGREE WITH U AAAAAAAAA" then..
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Agreed. I wasn't too happy with Sailor Moon Crystal season III's finale and people were like "stop complaining!" "what issue do you have?" "You're not a real fan"! They're ironically the butthurt ones to me.
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I know people will always use the "Butthurt fanboy/fangirl lol" Card to make themselves seem better. 
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This applies to people i've dealt with more than ever,  mainly due to this being the internet where the default mode is 'fuck opinions'.
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I don't like negative opinions, I work really hard! 😞😞😞😞😞
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Well, can you respect opinions?
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Yeah, I mean I respect opinions, but not if it's an opinion like this:
"Your fat and ugly. I think you need to put on makeup, and loose a LOT of pounds, Godzilla". ... :cries:
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did someone call you those things?
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Not on here. But in school, though. But I still keep my head up hi!
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That moment when you correct someone or point something out, the person calls you a "butthurt child"...
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I just think the term "butthurt" is dumb to use anyway.
I mean, there is nothing wrong with disliking a show someone likes on it's self but if that disliking person goes out and claim that it "sucks" as if it was a fact, then that part would be arguable by saying "That's very bias" or whatever fits.
I mean if he/she thinks it sucks to him/her (Like it's not my kind of thing or something), that's fine.. I'm talking about pretending that the personal opinion is a global "fact". lol
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Yeah. Or me saying I hate Spinosaurus' redesign.
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Lets say someone saw a video on youtube and got offended but they didn't comment...that wouldn't be butthurt, butthurt is like "ZOMG HOW DARE YOU BITCH YOU ASSHOLE BAWWW!" 
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I usually respect other people's opinions; I may not like whatever show they like, but I respect that.
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Words like "privileged" and "butthurt" are way overused.
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People who use the word "Butthurt" are immature idiots. Just because someone has a negative opinion doesn't mean their opinion doesn't matter at all. An opinion's an opinion, am I right? God for bid if you say anything negative, and all heck will break loose, "OMG U BUTTHURT!1111!!" "HOMOPHOBE ALERT..." "DON'T BE HATIN'" "YOU JELLY??" "DEAL WITH IT HATER!" "U TROLLER!!11" your the one who needs to quit being irrational just because I don't like something.

Oh, and  people who use "Butthurt" contradict themselves . People who use it are the ones who are complaining, so that means they're the ones really "Butthurt".
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