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Counting down the days til I can parry the rat race & paint out my stories.


Made with love in GIMP. So many ideas and so little time, but I'll get there someday. Always looking to improve, please send your critique if you have any ☆

Thank you so much for all comments, faves or even just visiting!! I am lazy but see & appreciate all of you!!


* HELLO to friends who are interested in my work, but aren't native to this website! If you'd like to keep up without checking in on an account, would you be better-served by an RSS FEED? ★



> fics @ FF.net

> musical drabbles @ YT

> prose & oddities @ blog (⚠ warning for sexual)

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Hey! Good to see you. How ya doin? Your art is so nice too, dunno why I wasn't watching you^^;

😳 FRIEND......

Hehehehehe its good to see you around too, at least when I check this site what, twice a year. :XD: And it's a strange time to talk about how we're doing isnt it HAHA.. but I'm extraordinarily fortunate compared to a lot of yall so I'm doing well. I can only hope same for you. :heart:

I get how it is, too many mutuals we barely talked to, once upon a time =P So I'm touched you trekked back & thought to follow, thank you so much. :love: Not that I know if I'm gonna post anything new any time soon but eehhhhh. :XD: So see you when I silently fave 1% of things & disappear into the shadows again. :eyes:

yeah i miss the times when we were all here together...:(

and, that's ok. :giggle: hehe

Your art skills are what I call PEAK PERFORMANCE; Keep it up, pierce the heavens!
Ahhhhhh bless you sure did go through my whole gallery including the old crud huh :faint: Thank you! And thank you for the faves & stuff!! Youre very kind!!!!
Your art is pretty slick as well, youve got really nice figure drawing skills, you keep it up too :D
Gosh you have no idea when I find an artist I like I make sure they know they're loved!|!! grrrr I'd marry your art if I could
hrng well i feel very loved rn...... mission success.......... TQ again ;-;
& aint nobody asked to marry my art before, so as far as im concerned: first come first served :thumbsup: I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND & ART. GRATS, ITS YOURS. B-)