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With girls growing at an alarming rate, we need someone who will test
furniture and clothing for them. That's where these two fat lovely ladies
waddle in.
I am WAAAAY more active on Twitter versus here. DA made it not fun to see messages now a days. Come check it out! I drew a lot of Charlie. and I mean a lot! https://twitter.com/HappyPalHappy
Let's say, hypothetically, I were to draw Tifa where Cait Sith is using Manipulate materia on her. Besides being fattened up, what would she be wearing or doing?
Who's a popular female character right now?

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Have you ever drawn Xion being fat and having her mouth full of ice cream? I found only The face of it but I can’t find the full pic anywhere and they tell me you made it

Love your work btw! ^^
Oh yes! That is on my patreon.
Ohh. That’s why I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you for clearing that up!

I have a question, what are those fat bulges you draw in the panties? I want to know what they're called because of how cute it is

That would be the fupa. It is a cute area to fatten
question. when are commissions going to open back up?
Been waiting for a very long time. Patiently I have.