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Sora made up the name. So it is his fault!

:bulletyellow: Sora

Personality: He's a happy go lucky yellow mouse and he's here to play! He love to become buddies with lot of pals and stray away from intimidating pokemon like Tyranitars.
Sora drags his friends to most situations and missions since he really prefers to stick into large groups. He's a child who really doesn't like facing the bad realities in the world, choose to ignore such things and become oblivious if it were in front of him.

Extra stuff:
-He has red cheek pouches. Other Pichus usually have pink cheek pouches.
-Likes to joke around
-Loves spicy things
-His ear was cut so he has stitches. ((I really need an accessory there. But it is not allowed yet...))

:bulletpink: Pluto

Personality: He's a really dislikes social interaction and love to smoke on his cigarettes if he was alone. ((Although it might not exist in this game)) He avoids crowds many times and does not like his personal space to be invaded. Pluto is not aware of his strength sometimes and really think it is the Psychics job for moving items out of the way.

Extra stuff:
-He's blind at birth.
-He could pretend that he is a girl if he wants to
-Likes the sound of running water
-Uses his Thunder Wave to 'see' for him
Anddddd Sora is back! With a new friend by his side that he pressured him into joining! Seriously... The reason Sora had that bandana before was to hide his stitches.
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Hah cool, you're into this thing?