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PMDU: Team Sewing Needle



I did another application hahahaha... this is my fifth team u.u

Edit: Made Button's bandage more simple and add some more info.
Edit 2: Changed the app art


Missions participated:

Season 1 Mission 1: Still working on it

Errands participated:
Errand #3
Errand #4
Errand #5
Errand #6
Errand #7
Errand #8
Errand #9
Errand #10
Errand #11
Errand #12

Tasks participated:
Main Task 1
Explorer Task 1
Explorer Task 3

Dungeons paticipated:
Basalt Halls


None yet. Still working on Mission 1 late

Errand 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12- 1 star coin (each)

Explorer task 1- Apricorn Necklace
Explorer task 3- Bottle of Fresh water
Main task 1- Hand made Kunai

-Used 3 star coins on a researcher ribbon

Total star coins so far: 8

:bulletwhite: Button the Eevee

Bio: Entering to Andalusst for the first time because of his empty stomach he is now dragged into helping out the town.

-Will not attack unless provoked
-Loves to spar / fight with other pokemon. With given permission
-Whiny baby
-Doesn't want to show his bandages eye.
-May still steal food
-Almost always hungry. He will be your friend if you give him food.
-Favorite food is Cheese fondue. Melted cheese on garlic bread to be specific. Will love you forever.
-He uses food swears. "Oh fudge, Son of a Biscuit, you piece of Mango."
-Wanders around town to try and beg for food.

Likes: Buttons, Food, Spicy Food, Cheese Fondue.

:bulletpink: Custard the Audino

Bio: Got lost in the fog and met up with Button. She healed him awake once he was knocked out and help him again after the Regigigas battle... again.

-She talks quietly but very friendly
-She's a worrywart and often acts like a mother to Button
-Never lets anyone near her Sewing kit
-Her psychic can lift objects but rarely at people themselves when battling
-Always to the rescue of Button's antics.
-She loses trust in others very easily.

Likes: Accessories and sewing.
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