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PMDU:Team Hydrodynamic




Old application:

Missions participated:

Season 1 Mission 1

Errands participated:
#1 Client: Luke 14th April 2014-17th April 2014
#2 Client: Sundance 23rd April 2014-27th April 2014
#3 Client: Chelle 3rd May 2014-7th May 2014
#4 Client: Rowanhardt 12th May 2014-16th May 2014
#5 Client: Cassidy 20th May 2014-24th May 2014
#6 Client: Alexander 7/18/2014- 7/22/2014

Tasks Completed:
Main task 1
Hunter task 1
Hunter task 3

Season 1 Mission 1-
-5 star coins from primary and secondary rewards
-1 free decoration coupons/tickets. Met the requirement "Pokemon with an AGILITY stat of 3+ and a STRENGTH stat of 2+ will easily be able to scale Regigigas’s body to search for the object in its leaves"
Errand 1- 1 star coin
Errand 2- 1 star coin
Errand 3- 1 star coin
Errand 4- 1 star coin
Errand 5- 1 star coin
Errand 6- 1 star coin
Registering to PMDU Atlas- 1 star coin
Hunter task 1- Hunter code 1
Hunter task 3- 1 Merit
Main June task 2014- Kunai

Total star coins so far: 12

Solo Team Name: Hydrodynamic

Name: P.E.P.

Gender: Female

She is very quiet and does not socialize with others. Her focus is on the mission and the mission alone. She'll have push away allies if they get in her way. Sometimes she does approach of those in the Oshawott line.

Weapon Explanation:
-Razor Shell is used as her bow. If PP runs out then she can't use her bow to fire arrows. She would have to switch to close combat.
-Scald are her main water arrows. Scald is used take down foes, invokes burn to lower their attack stats
-Toxic is mostly for sniping. It feels like mud was thrown on the back of their heads, slowly sapping off their health
-Copycat varies and can be used for different arrows for different type disadvantages. Mostly for far ranged attacks.
-Her arrows stay in form even after they hit their foe. But after 1 minute later they turn back to water

-Close combat- She uses long range all the time so she doesn't know how to defend herself against punches and kicks.
-Darkness- If she can't see then she can't aim. She can use her hearing but can never pinpoint that exact location of the opponent
-Long range vs. Long range- Fire a dark pulse, she'll have no choice but to either take the hit and shoot an arrow, or dodge without shooting.
-Closed spaces- She needs a lot of room in order to fight, and more space to run.

-Long range- She can shoot her arrows from one large hill to another. (I haven't decided on max distance) Scald arrows can't go too far since it'll cool down.
-Climbing trees quickly
-Running off in order to run away and get some distance for shooting.
-Avoiding far range moves- Her size and light body can help her avoid certain moves and danger
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Looks very dark, dayum! Anyways, nice job!