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PMDU: Team Blue Armless




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Missions participated:

Season 1 Mission 1

Errands participated:
#1 Client: Luke. 14th April 2014-17th April 2014
#2 Client: Sundance 23rd April 2014-27th April 2014

#3 Client: Chelle 3rd May 2014-7th May 2014

Season 1 Mission 1-
-5 star coins from primary and secondary rewards
-2 free decoration coupons/tickets. Met the requirement "Pokemon with an AGILITY stat of 2+ and an INTELLIGENCE stat of 2+ may receive a bonus reward for attaching a receiver to one of Regigigas’s blind spots completely unnoticed" Completed by Colbalt.
Errand 1- 1 star coin
Errand 2- 1 star coin
Errand 3- 1 star coin

[Cobalt the Dratini]
-Instead of the regular Dratini's scales natural color it has the shade of true blue. Cobalt was named by her mother even if the shade of her scales were True Blue instead of Colbalt. :new: Her lab coat has the color of Colbalt now.
-Cobalt has an interest in electric types. Meeting those electrics types make this dratini go gaa gaa over them. Exceptions are Magnemite line, Electrode line, Elekid, Tynamo line and Stunfisk.
-Cobalt does not care for anyone else, even Cheese.
-Cobalt uses Cheese as a punching bag in order to went out her frustrations
-Cobalt is a jerk

[Cheese the Wooper]
-Cobalt's punching bag
-Follows Cobalt's orders
-One of his stripes have merged on the bottom of his body so it seems he has 2 stripes
-Cheese is a friendly guy, he claims to be friends with Cobalt but she says otherwise.
-Cheese's gills or the things that are sticking out of his head are very sharp. If he asks for a hug then be careful around the horns
-Cheese rarely uses his Ice Punch, only use until a fit of danger.
-Cheese often forgets things, like names, faces, and everything has happen thanks to his amnesia move that activates at random times.
-Cheese can sometimes forget his name and Cobalt has to be the one to remind him
-He often hides his tail. All ripped up. He can handle a lot of beatings
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Is it okay if I add this team to my cameo list?