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Errand 6: Math harder!



Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Eyyy lets learn some Math with all the teams I have. Sorry if you still don't fully understand what I'm saying, I'm bad at explaining math to others.

Shock at Chu's math question: 2672/21=?

You just divide... You learn this. Don't use a calculator for this >:U Write it down!

Answer: 127 with a remainder of 5

Blue Armless math question: Find and simplify the square root of 165

Answer: You can't. 165 does not have a perfect square therefore cannot be simplified

Killer Pink's math question: (4/3)^-2
When these are arranged as fractions it looks much easier >:U

Since (4/3) has to multiply with a negative exponent the denominator and numerator switch sides. (3/4)
And the exponent is 2 so (3/4) x (3/4)

Multiply together and you get 9/16

Sewing needle
's math question: Find the value of h(5)

h(r)= 49-r^2

You substitute the r with the number five

h(5)= 49-(5)^2
h(5)= 49-25
h(5)= 24

Answer: h(5)= 24

Fira Drum's math question: (-7x^5+2x^3)-(4x^6+2x^5)+(-2x^6+7x^5)

First we gotta get rid of the parenthesis and distribute the negative signs since they are polynomials:

Then we have to identify and combine the like-terms: Example: 7x^5, 2x^5, 7x^5 have x^5 which means we have to add them together like so (72+7)x^5.


Now add the coefficients and you get your answer: 6x^62x^5+2x^3

Team Hydrodyanamic's math question: Multiply and simplify the following complex numbers (-1-5i) X (-4-4i)

Work is shown on drawing. Also, i^2= -1

Answer: -16+24i


Phew that was a lot to type and draw out
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Haha! Man, the whole strip is funny! You did a good job man! ;) :D :D