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Hordaks Evil Horde WIP 07

Yes still a WIP. This is Double Trouble and Vultak..can ya guess whos who. ;)
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o0OH! I like the chunky winged guy on the right :D
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LOL you like the ugly vulture guy ;)
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yeah I do! he wrawks :D
he's my kinda guy ;) lol
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Owned her, didn't own him, she had a really long thin bit of hair which was fun to make a really long thin platt from
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Cool character designs-I like the details added too. The colours are kicking.
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...awesome as always, munkeyman!...
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I like 'em. Vultak's design is totally kickass, in my opinion, he just looks the barbaric-menacing type, although maybe the blue is not very effective, there, maybe a shade of brown or earthly yellow'd work better, but that's just me. Great job! :D
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Hey dude, glad ya liked Vultak. The reason he's got the blue colour is becuase thats what is original cartoon version had, and I didn't want to stray to far away, I've added enough of my own elements as it is. Thanks for the crit, always appreciated.
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MAN I love that detail.
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Thanks:D Love drawing detail! ;)
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