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CR File - Super-Munkyboy

Yep the big Boss is here. In other words me. Note that the Kill Bill suit of old has been tailored to fit the needs of the Monkey Lord and the gauntlets...they fire poop!!! POOP!!!

Hope ya like!!!
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Ha ha ha cheers dude!!
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Cute lil boy, hehe. I like the details on it.
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Heh, I should do more with him, I just never get the time. I need more time!!!!!!
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That's what we all want, precious time. Yes, my precious, we wants it. *runs away*
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awwwh! just lookit the cute lil' monkey-boy!! lookit his monkey-cheeks! :D coochiecoo!!
wicked design D*, I know it's been up for months and I have seen it before but I never commented on it! it's a great diesgn dude, I love all the attention to detail in his costume and his magical floating crown :) nice one :)
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Dontcha touch me cheeks, woman ;) Ya hands were bloody cold that night :D

Glad ya like it though, luv'. I just wanted to drift away from the obvious Kill Bill/ Bruce Lee homage, and get down to making a proper costume. They want me to do this as Cosplay next year.... now thanks, might have the tail though ;)

I have plans for next year, the lads inspired me.
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me too :D ^-^
was awesome to see you again dude! :)
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You're more likely to get your thing done than I am. Although I'm pushing myself to do it.

ALways a pleasure to see ya, Kerry was well chuffed to have met you, and you don't smell ;) :hug:
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^-^ :love: Kerry's lovely :) I'm so pleased I finally got to meet her! And Vicky too! :) (and it's always lovely to see Em!)
I'm glad I don't smell ;)
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Lovely? ;) LOL just kiddin. I was glad to meet Jase, and you do make a good couple. He's pretty cool, even if I do get the urge to shout Mr Issac in my Hiro voice.
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I know!! It seems everyone at the con did!! lol ... it's funny though, because he hasn't even seen the show yet so he didn't really understand! lol :) Jase was mostly in business/networking/schmooze mode over the weekend (both of us were to an extent!) but he really is a great guy (I'm biased of course!) ;) :D I'll send ya an email in a bit...
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
He hasn't seen it? Gah the finale is next week... I can't wait. I really am a big geek :D

Also its good tobe in business mode, thats what the cons are for you guys, I guess. Not sure if you're interested, but Otis Framptonon DA is looking for a penciller, but not sure if you had the time.

How long have you and Jase been together, if you don't mind me asking.
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LOL yes indeed:D Hey dude, good to see ya about again!!!
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always with the tongues that stick out! but, anyway, yay! i like the crazy spiral eye. and i think this costume is a definite improvement.
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Whats up with sticky out tongues? I think its my trademark. I like the new costume as well. he's always evolving. As is your character:D
cool-slayer's avatar
heey it's the one and only :D haha pretty nifty, I'm digging the whole "crazed" look, awesome ;)
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Its how I really look....maybe not the swirly eye thing...
cool-slayer's avatar
and here I was hoping you had a sirly eye... and you just have to disapoint me like that!!

happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Darn it I'm sorry...hey theres a ball point marker...hmmmm
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is this your own poop or poop in general?
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Liking the new outift mate. I pretty much love the piece, but id've opted for more of a closed mouth, slightly more serious look.

Simply to make you seem more boss like.
I know you want to emphasis the crazy, but that can sometimes be achieved without going for the obvious choice. A twitchy eye and closed mouth still says "i'm gonna throw poop at yer face" to me.

Oooh, and you should have like a dragoon spear on the tip of your tail xxx
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