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Dangan Ronpa - Leon with the ladys

By HappyManga
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The picture was taken on Kodachicon in Lund, Sweden.
I have styled parucken and beard completely self from a waist length wig for this. it is the first time I build me a front line and beard.
Then I have stitched jacket, t-shirt all by myself and the rest taken from my closet.

Additionally, I was with the cosplay contest with Leon and I came in first place for the best cosplay. I do not like I thought he would win, I was really amazed.

Photographer :iconkungartano:

Leon kuwata :iconhappymanga:

Enoshima Junko: :iconuzumakisabina:

Chihiro Fujisaki: :iconwigglepuff:

Kirigiri Kyoko: :iconiidas:

Ikusaba Mukuro: :iconsundancekiid:

Fukawa Touko: :iconchirude:

Asahina Aoi: Saga [link]

Sayaka Maizono: Johanna
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The popular bois in school be like.

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Leon save yourself!
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Leon Be like "Pls Naegi save me."
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Then you realize Chihiro is actually a male.
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All I see are the ladies of Danganronpa 1 crowded around a weenie.
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Abridged Thing reference?
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Lol that leon face.
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indeed, but i like it just make it look funny XD
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Oh Leon
You ladies' man, you
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Yeah, I'm so pimp man XD
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This one got a favorite only because the Leon cosplayer cracked me up with that expression.  Well done guys.
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Thanks so much^^ for like and comment^^ love to here this^^ //Leon
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Im planning on cosplaying leon too! Do you have any tips for the facial hair? Thats my biggest fear right now...
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Uh nice^^ well Leon was my first bakslik and beard i have ever done ^^''
But it did turn out really good^^

Well how i makede my beard did i use a fabric basic how the beard gone fit my chin. Try it out so you can be sure that will fits well^^
After  that you need extra hair from you the ground wig you have to leon.(I did buy extra long so I could be sure i have enough wig hair to make the fronline and beard.) The you glue it on the wig hair on your chin basic fabric. I did use hot glu but i don't recomend it to det out line, use some gick glue to fix that. Then you put somthing to hold the ponytail on the beard, not to rough band. Then i did tak a small pice of crafting foam and paint it silver. the all you need it just glue it on with hot glue.
You can use "spirit glue" to glue it on your chin. then you done^^

I hope this did help you^^
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Ah spirit gum! Yes that is what I thought I should use. Thank you. I was worried the beard would be too heavy and fall off. Thank you! Ill come back and post a picture when I finish. :D
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The spirit glue is awsome and is make it really stay there. Some pepole have touch my beard and feel how well it was glued.
some did even dra a bit and dind't fal off XD

You welcome and please do^^
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Yes. So much yes.
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Yes, many Yes ~ XD
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Living the 11037 dream
I like the angle of the photo! But you can't really see Chihiro, which is a shame!
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Ideed ^3^
I now is a bit sad that chihiro seen so much.
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