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Welcome 2010

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 29, 2009, 7:53 PM
  • Listening to: Blue October - "Approaching Normal"
  • Reading: do you really wanna know it??? King Lear!
  • Watching: ... the snow falling down *haha*
  • Playing: I would looove to play SingStar right now ;)
Dec 30, 2009 | 03:30


What a year... Started as a year with less expectations it rapidly turned into a year with so much challenges... Probably with more ups than downs, and definitely with too less time at all! I mean it's not that I didn't wanted to uplade things since August 2008... time was simply going on too fast for me to still be able to follow. To me it seems as though yesterday was August 2008 and tomorrow is already January 2010... You know what I mean. Nonetheless I would say 2009 was a good year. My studie is going very well, which is the most important thing for me at the moment since I never felt that right in doing something. I've found two really really good friends that I never want to miss again and with whom I had a lot of fun (not only on our almost famous karaoke nights ;))... But there have also been happenings that I wish to have never happened... Sometimes life is really kind of much too real and sometimes it's really hard to understand the way it works, but at least it still goes on...

Anyhow the only thing I really missed was to have time to sit down, relax and be creative... It's not that I have done nothing. I did some sewing stuff and some things for and in my flat for example but besides some pictures on events like birthdays I haven't made one single photo for example (oh, I just think of that I was at the DTM (German Touring Car Masters - Find out more about ;)) this year, which was great fun!... Like to do that again next year :D)... I haven't painted something even though I really really want to do it...

... hopefully 2010

Yeah, to have time for painting that's my first big wish for the next year. Another is to find a good university for my semester abroad and of course to have a great semester there, too (so any suggestions are dearly welcome :D)... and to lose weight (probably every woman wishes it ;)). And it would be great to meet some dear friends again that I haven't seen for ages... Oh and not to forget: I neeeeeed to visit some concerts - I totally on withdrawal. Yupp, I guess that's it :)

What are your wishes for the next year???

Last but not least...

I wanna thank all... *haha* just kidding :p No, finally I just wanted to say that I hope that just some of you keep the faith in me and come around from time to time to see if I'm still alive ;) No, of course I still will be alive... I just have the feeling that almost noone is reading my journal anymore :( But honestly, I  know why and I'm really really sorry for my unreliability in 2009...

Feature: "Best of 2009"

I thought a lot about a topic that I could use for a feature but I couldn't come up with one, so I decided to make a personal "Best of 2009" feature ... have a look at them - it's worth ;)

reese by krzysztof20d bee and cinnamon by bookdresses :thumb112552869: :thumb86884378: Jeans World Map by vladstudio Avatar - Katara by rennerei :thumb145258355: greetings and goodbyes II by aimeelikestotakepics Death of a pixie by IamUman

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uff... I should update this more often... ;)

May you all have a really HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Sos: I'm turning 25

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 2:17 PM
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Nov 16, 2009 | 00:00

November, 16th :) - and sniff, no congrats except from Kleinmeli

Even though I haven't been around for months, I couldn't resist to let you know that i'm becoming 25 today! Isn't it scary? I mean actually it isn't really old, but I'm feeling like becoming soooooo old :D The list of my doctors is getting longer and longer :rofl:... Anyhow, I'm really excited and I hope it will be a great day :)

Btw: Kleinmeli has her birthday today, too ;)

Feature: Kleinmeli's Birthday :)

As I said: it's not only my birthday, it's also Kleinmeli's birthday - this feature is only for you :D (hoffe es freut dich :))
That's Me...Kind Of. by kleinmeli KH2 - Favourite Moment by kleinmeli :thumb115419492: Acryl Painting '30StM' by kleinmeli Robert Pattinson- GQ Cover by kleinmeli :thumb128495139:
gooo - visit her xD

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thx all other watchers, too [ps: I know I urgently need to update this list :D :D :D

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2009, 8:03 AM
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  • Watching: Germany's next topmodel *how embarrassing*
  • Eating: delicious grapes and gummi bears
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Feb 26, 2008 | 20:08

DD!!!, Feature, Vacations, Anarkitty and more

UPDATE: Got my 2nd Daily Deviation :D!

Hey, i'm soooo happy - 'cause I've got my second Daily Deviation. Thank you soo sooo much :iconvangellj: for suggesting and :iconshebid: for featuring :hug::hug::hug: and of course anyone who fav'ed or commented it :)

and here is the one:

joss stone: colours of sound by happyline

/// update end ///

I know (rather some of you ;)) are waiting eagerly for my news, so here they're :D:
Firstly, I found a topic for a new feature - finally! I have always troubles finding one *hihi*... So the feature topic for this time is "spring" and anything that comes to my mind when thinking of it ;). I hope you enjoy it...

Secondly, almost 3 of 8 weeks vacation are over *how sad!* and I still have a lot to do, 'cause I failed 2 exams :cry: and I have to repeat them at the beginning of the new semester...

Anyhow... I'm working on some new creativ things, like sewing new pillowcases and embroidering them for my re-decorated sleeping room... Maybe I'll do some pictures of it the next days... Oh and I've got a new camera and I'm really in love with "her". Can't wait for the next concert [April, 5th!] and of course of the results of the photos, 'cause this was the main reason to buy a new one.

I need your help!!!

As I told you in my last entry I'm really in the mood to do a new Vexel/Vector, so could someone give me hints for pictures that are worthy to vexel... I like vexeling hair or I would like to vexel jewelery, but I want to do portraits, not only little extracts. I would be very happy if someone could help me finding a reference pic XD.

Anarkitty is back

Have you seen: Anarkitty1 is back and this makes me really happy. I really love her art and I can't get enough of it, so pleeeease go see her gallery, these are just some examples:

Feature: "Spring"

I need spring and I'm really looking forward to it, therefore I just had to make a feature on this topic:
:thumb112474287: I didn't mean you're fat by Maquita butterfly by cocoasweety :thumb31145042: Spring by leonard-ART Spring 03 by liajedi :thumb23563485: Butterfly Wisdom by MelissaFindley Harmony by Jennbawa Home by NaBHaN My Spring by kolla85 :thumb78183980: Southern Hummingbird by Jules1983 :: Little visitor :: by Liek :thumb112167232: pink flower by Wehatearts Tulip by WindyLife Tulip by Atreja Happy Easter by ninazdesign shh I'm hunting teapots by sentimentalfreak Happy Easter by i-be-c Swarm by thienbao

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thx all other watchers, too :D :D :D

Vacations are waiting for me

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2009, 4:31 PM
  • Reading: sonnets, novels ...
  • Watching: wdr ;)
  • Eating: i wish i would have something to eat *lol*
  • Drinking: ehm, i don't know ;)
Feb 06, 2008 | 01:30

Last Exam

It's about 1 am and I've been learning for my last exam this semester for hours and I will still need a couple of hours that night, but this will be, as mentioned, the last one for this semester - fortunately. Couldn't tell you how glad I am :D I'm completely exhausted, just want to sleep and relax... But at the same time I'm full of energy - I'm sooooo looking forward to clean my home, redecorate it and make a lot of stuff I like to do for months, most of all creative stuff. Anyhow I could imagine to vexel again. I haven't done a vexel for now almost 1 year or so and when I finished Joss I thought I wouldn't ever did one again :D but, yeah, I really like to do one again now... we will see...

Okay, I just wanted to let you know, that I'll be back tomorrow or the day after ;) I'll make a new feature and stuff like that... :) would be nice if you would come back to see what happens :)

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your new year's resolutions

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 27, 2008, 8:05 PM
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Dec 27, 2008 | 01:22

your new year's resolutions

- please read and answer :D -

//edit: common don't let me wait any longer - otherwise i'll be starting to cry and cry and :cry: ... and you know... is it that what you want? ;) //

Only *äh let me think... 5 days or 4 [however you like to count it ;)] until 2009... amazing how fast 2008 has gone by and like the most of the last years at the end of the year i have the feeling that i didn't used it as much as i could have... i mean, of course there are a couple of things that i've done and in fact some of them were really a good thing, but i have something like the feeling that i've probably missed something... could i have done more? could i've been more around or could i've made more real decisions? you know...

so i thought about my dreams or rather my plans for 2009... and i thought what about asking you for your dreams and plans for 2009? did you plan something special or did you only have the typical intentions like loosing weight??

Self Promotion ;)

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Surprise Surprise :)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2008, 5:17 PM
  • Listening to: P!nk - I don't believe you
  • Reading: "The Notebook" - again ;)
  • Eating: white chocolate *pssssst*
Nov 23, 2008 | 01:31

New Layout

As you can see I created a new journal layout - and believe me: it was really hard to create something that I do like more than one day *haha* - nonetheless I love it now :D and I hope you'll like it too ;)

Life Is Always Changing

The last days, or rather the last months ;) were sooo damned stressful. I had to do such a lot of things - but don't worry I'll not go into details, otherwise it would be very boring to you *haha*. The best thing: I think I've found what I was looking for concerning my 'study-career' and I'm not feeling like that I have to give up all my dreams any more, in fact it's exactly the opposite: I know I can fulfill my dreams, it doesn't matter how strange they seem or even how hopeless they seem, if I just keep on dreaming and most of all if I keep on believing in them :) therefore I will go to Canada again ... sooner or later :D

My intentions for the next weeks, probably until 2009 - if someone is interested in ;) - improve my English skills as I really have to do, work hard for university (as I said: I badly want to fulfill my dream to go back to Canada, but therefore I've to finish my studies successfully), finish some creative stuff like a drawing of one of my friends and I would like to sew my first selfmade shirt :) ... and a lot of other things ;) ...

And last but not least: I've got a new car and I trully love it :D :D :D

*bye bye*

Features: First Love

Time for a new feature, and because winter is the time of love I decided to make a "love-feature" but regarding to things that come to my mind concerning the first love - hope you'll like it

Self Promotion ;)

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2008, 1:32 AM

:giggle: to me :giggle:

and to the wonderfull kleinmeli :iconkleinmeli: :D :D :D

°oO oOo Oo°

mood: :dancing:
reading: birthday emails ;)
watching: all my lovely presents :D
drinking: desperados - not yet, but later this day ;)*

vacs and more

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2008, 4:15 PM
yes, i am stupid!!!

yeah, you've the right to call me stupid :rofl: -> i've delated my dA-journal source images :omg: and i didn't have the pics here... this means that i will not have a journal with images until next tuesday or wednesday *hmpft* :(

vacs :boogie:

hey there :D i couldn't tell you how glad i am, 'cause i've vacations *jippieh*... no more university for about 2 months. nothing more than relaxing and doing things i like to do :) feels so good :)

365 days

i'm very sorry for didn't upload anything for this project in the last couple weeks. probably it will sound like a silly excuse, but i really had to do   a lot of things for the exams and for my flat too :( i took all the pictures day by day, but i didn't had any time to edit them and publish them *arg*... i'll do my very best to catch them up as soon as possible *promise*

creativity and freetime

as i've said i have vacations and a lot of free time, time to do creative things, but i can't decide what i really like to do... there are 2 opportunities: on the one hand i could do stuff i really love to do but this is stuff i've did a lot of times, like vectores/vexels or photography... on the other hand i'm really fired up for doing things i've never done before, like sculpturing or a digital drawing from a hand-sketch... what would you do??? on thing i will do: restore an old small cupboard what my grandfather has build many years before - i'm looking forward for this since months :D :D :D


when i bought my sub i've said i'll feature works from time to time and i'd love to do it, but at the moment i've no idea on a theme *lol*, for this i'm very sorry, but i'm always open for any suggestion :) :D

°oO oOo Oo°

mood: :dancing:
reading: "my old [and new ;)] poems"
watching: olympic games :heart: [who would have thought that i was on athletic games when i was younger - and who would have thought that i was 1st ... time has passed soooo fast ;)]
drinking: iced coffee *as usual :giggle:*

Exam Session

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2008, 2:53 PM
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  • Reading: "print and media technologies"
  • Watching: deviant Art ;)
  • Drinking: iced coffee *yammi*
i feel so mad :cries:

hi there, i cannot describe how mad i feel about not publishing my newest 365-days-project-pictures for two weeks now... but what could i say that wouldn't sound like just a petty excuse :doh:??? i promise it's the truth when i say it is just because i've exam session at university [and i have to learn too much :reading:] and because my old computer has gone broken and i didn't had enough time to reinstall all my programs until now on my new one, but all photos are existing at this moment :D. anyhow, exam session goes until august, 4th and after this there are my really badly wanted vacations :phew: :dance: i am so afraid of math-exam :excited: i could puke any time i only hear the word "math" :evillaugh: - i trully need a rest :blushing:

i'll try to publish all the photos from july, 8th as soon as possible *i cross my heart!*

please keep your fingers crossed for me :smooch:

°oO oOo Oo°

mood: :omfg:
reading: "print and media technologies"
watching: dA ;)
drinking: iced coffee *yammi*

365 days

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2008, 4:58 PM
  • Listening to: gandalf and buddy
  • Watching: deviant Art ;)
  • Eating: quadratisch - praktisch - gut ;)
  • Drinking: becks chilled orange
the first week

hi there :D

as i promissed i've started a new project: "365 days" - i've introduced you in the last journal entry ;) now the first week is over and i'm very happy about the first results:

june, 24th 2008 - day 1 by happyline june, 25th 2008 - day 2 by happyline june, 26th 2008 - day 3 by happyline june, 27th 2008 - day 4 by happyline june, 28th 2008 - day 5 by happyline june, 29th 2008 - day 6 by happyline june, 30th 2008 - day 7 by happyline

and the best thing is: i'm not out of ideas for the next week :D :D :D but i'll also keep a lookout for anything interesting :rofl:

that's all for today, i'm sorry :blush:


Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2008, 6:18 PM
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  • Watching: deviant Art ;)
  • Eating: gummibärchen :D
  • Drinking: bit sun *yammi*
hi there :D

my mum paid a subscription for me today and i'm sooooo happy about :D i wasn't able to resist of making me a css for the journal. okay, it's with an old art, but i still love that and i hope you too :excited: maybe it's not perfect and as i know myself i will change this faster as i think right now :rofl:, but anyhow i think it's much better than the original css :D

my favourite favourites ;)

i always wanted to feature work from others, which i really love. and i'm  sure i'll do this again and again and again ;) and for today i thought it would be a good start to begin with my top 10 favourites, don't miss do have a look at theyre galleries, too :) here it is [from 1st - 10th place]:

- Secret Garden - Commission by Anathematixs nosebleed by DanielaUhlig Banana Split by Anarkitty1 Photoshop Action: Regressive N by davidnanchin Spring, Snivel, Beriberi... by denfo painted gollum by MarkNewman Ayumi Hamasaki by mari-angel Home and the Fairies by zancan Bella Ariel by AMoN-KiKiiLL pixie's dream . . . by mehmeturgut

football european championship

today is THE day, germany is in the semi-final against turkey :afraid: i didn't have anything against turkey, but i'm german so i really really hope that we will win - can't wait until 20.45 p.m. :excited:

365 days

i'v got an idea - i'll take each day, for 365 days [starting today] a photo. not as i saw from others which take those photos just from themselfs, but from daily stuff. each day something what's catching my eyes. maybe a self-portrait on some days ;). i will upload them a time a week and i hope you'll like this idea ;)

ps: can somebody tell me how i can add my mood and stuff in the css???
  • Listening to: good charlotte
  • Watching: deviant Art ;)
  • Eating: nothing, but i'm hungry :D
hey there :wave:

as you can see i've finished a tutorial about how to do lineart-vector with inkscape. hopefully it's helpfull for someone, would be really happy about :D

ähm, it's 04:42a.m. - why i'm not sleeping??? :confused: i don't know, maybe because i can't sleep before 6 in the morning for too long :cries:, i hate it but i can't do something against. most of the nights i spent on my balcony or of course in my bed trying to sleep but tonight i decided to finish the tutorial [i was working on it for months :shame:], that's why i'm still awake.

perhaps i will do something like a commission. but i'm not sure, so i need your help :aww: what i'm thinking about is to do a vector/vexel of you [or better to say a photo of a person you like or probably yourself ;)] and the only thing i'd like to have as a kind of payment would be a 3months-subscription for each person on the photo. i think that's not much, because as you know that's a lot of work. of course you'll get the original-file and i will sign and dedicate it... i thought of using it for presents maybe... what do you think about???

okay, finally i wish you all a nice weekend and upcoming week, hopefully we will pass the semifinal on wednesday :excited:, i'll :fingerscrossed:
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  • Watching: deviant Art ;)
come on give me a drum roll :boogie:

why? ‘cause I’ve finally finished the vector of *tadadadaaaa* joss stone :phew:. she’s a wonderful musician, very talented I think, especially if you recognize she’s only 21 (2 years younger than me)… and she’s really beautiful, even she isn’t that super-thin and even she hasn’t that big breast :rofl: if you want, and I would really appreciate it :D, have a look on the vector… , there you can also find some more detailed information. but, on this occasion I’d like to say that I’m tired of comments like “I didn’t know anything about vectors, but I don’t think it took a lot of work, you probably used only an effect on photoshop to let it look like this”. I get it several times in the last few weeks and sorry but either you have to get informed about, then I guess you wouldn’t say it doesn’t need a lot of time, or you couldn’t form a view on it I think. and what makes me most angry is why did you blame me but not other digital artist which are better known than me? however, as I said, I’m sick of this :finger:.

at the end I’d like to thank all my new watchers :blowkiss:
:iconsnowmask: :iconclarinetlovr: :icondavidnanchin: :iconkevpaulc: :iconglamorandgore: :iconlunawolf99: :iconuniquedee:

I wish you all a nice, warm ;), weekend and a lot of fun :wave:


ps: first I wanted to wait with the upload until my 10.000 pageviewer, but since I’m finished the vector last night I’m so excited about your opinions that I can’t wait any longer, so it’s a early thankyou for all the views :dance:
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  • Watching: the sunrise outside my window :D
:wave: hi :wave:

i thought it would be time for a new entry and even it's almost 5.30 a.m. i think i'll do it now, 'cause i still can't sleep... so what ;)

btw: this computer from my mom is sooooo slow, that i only can write 3 words and then i have to wait 2mins to get on *sucks*

however, i guess the most important thing is the actual status of my upcoming vector, so here it is:

anything with [x] is done, the rest is waiting :lol:

[x] preparation/posterization
[x] face [including eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, forehead, chin and cheeks]
[x] neck
[x] neckline
[x] arms
[ ] hair [i guess 95% of the hair is done :whew:]
[ ] jewells [including [x] piercing, [x] necklace and [ ] earrings]
[x] shirt [unhappily without all those lovely spangles, 'cause i couldn't find a way to handle them until now, maybe there will be a little miracle in the next few days ;)]

all in all there are a little bit more than 5000 layers at the moment :jiggle: but it is coming up exactly like i wanted it to look like *yippie*

omg, 'cause this compuer is getting me on my nervs that much, i will stop now *sry*... but not without telling you that i'm going to our zoo today and of course i will do some new photos to show you :) oh and last but not least i've to tell you that i've done some sketches for upcoming digital works :D so stay tuned ;)

have you all a nice day :wave:

update May 15th :D

i finished the neckline and the neck *jippieh*, now there is just some of the hair missing and the earrings - the best: it already looks like it is done *haha* :D :D :D

maybe i'll finish it tonight... i don't know... i've to stay up at 5a.m. tomorrow, but a "friend" was kicking me in my ass and now i'm just crying and i even i'm feeling like there wouldn't be a tomorrow, but so what: live sucks but it has to go on... anyhow... but i know myself, i wouldn't find any sleep tonight and if, it is half an hour before i have to got up *grrr*...
i'm sorry i'm that pissed off :'( :cry:

i'll let you know when i'm really finished *promise*
good night :wave:
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  • Drinking: cappuccino like every day ;)
hi :D

it's thursday evening, so it's almost weekend :joy: but i have to make preparations for my practical training in physics on monday. i hate it! it feels like the only thing we have at the moments are practical trainings at university and this sucks. it just switches between mathematics, physics, chemistry and printing and even if we don't have practical trainig we have boring lectures and exercises in mathematics, physics and chemistry and printing and media history [not anywhere near that interesting as it might be sound, i swear] and no! i'm not studying natural science or stuff. i'm studying "media production", and the best is noone of our tutors, profs or all the others could tell us why we had to do this boring stuff.
however, i'm really happy that this week is almost over [and next week i will only have university on monday :D]. we will probably become about 24° celsius, i hope the weathermans are right :D and in my kitchen is a lot of stuff i want to do this weekend, like a drawing, a cartoon-drawing of my favourite band or even my new website-layout :) can't wait anymore to do this things :lol:

oh, did i tell you that you can be a part of the "die happy" concert tomorrow on :D it's live from bavaria/germany and i'm so happy about this, 'cause next week on saturday i'll go to the tour in berlin :rock:

btw: i've english courses again at university and if "my" ohio-boy isn't bad i'll probably become better with my english, aren't this good news *hahahaha*
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why did we always loose the people we like the most and why does it hurt that much each time, even we know that it will come like this once ???

or in other words: i hate saying goodbye that much but i had to say it too often and each time it feels a little bit like something in me is dying :(
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i don't know why i'm writing so many journal entries in the last time - hope i didn't bother you guys ;)

anyway i'm so glad, 'cause i got THE idea for my new website-layout, finally... when i closed my site a half year ago i thought it would be for about maximum a month... i made about 3 layouts but when they were finished i started to hate them... finally my site was closed for too long :'( a week ago i got the idea of a layout which could include all my 3 sites: the journal [which is the main site, too], my photography-site and the site with lots of my poetry stuff... and i knew that i wanted a bird... i was thinking about my idea a lot last week and now i know what i want - i could jump around *haha*...

now i have almost 1 week to finish the layout and to fill in the most of the context ... will be hard, i guess :( but my semester break is almost over, so i have to use the rest of this time...

well, i hope someone is coming to visit me when i'm finish ;o)

btw, i didn't want to work on the vector in the last week... i'm sorry... but next journal i'll add the actual status again *promise*

hope you all ill have a hard-working easterbunny :D

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today i'm writing, 'cause it's 02:30 [at night] and i'm sleepless... nothing new, btw ;)

the last days were very busy, we've moved back in my hometown, i'm learning for university and i'm trying to match all my creative ideas of the last time. it's freaky, whenever you need an creative idea you'll didn't have one, but if you didn't need one, if you're busy enough with other things, you've got tones of ideas in just one moment, i guess :rofl: and at the moment i got tones and more :D for example i've a lot of ideas on photographies and i'm started to draw and paint again - a new style i never did before, so it needs a lot of time, but it pure fun :D and i'm trying to develope a new tattoo for myself. btw, i've 2 tattoos, one for myself and another for as memorial for my loved grandpa who has died 11 years ago and now i'm trying to get an idea to match my life and all those things who are important to me, like music, freedom and my mum... however the day will come when i got THE idea :D, maybe you've ideas for me ;)...

not at least i'm still working on the vector of *** [hahaha, no i didn't tell you the name right now - have patience ;)]. i'll pick up my idea of the last journal entry and i'll add the actual status of it here:

anything with [x] is done, the rest is waiting :lol:

[x] preparation/posterization
[x] eyes
[x] eyebrows
[x] nose
[x] mouth
[x] forehead
[x] chin
[x] cheeks
                              --> jipp, the whole face is done *great*
[ ] neck
[ ] neckline
[ ] arms, one is [x] -> anyhow, that's something ;)
[ ] hair
[ ] jewells [first jewells are done *jippieh*]
[x] shirt [unhappily without all those lovely spangles, 'cause i couldn't find a way to handle them and i didn't want to copy them from the original - that wouldn't be a real vexel at the end if i would copy them :( hopefully i'll got an idea during the rest of the vexel]

ok, i think this should be enough for today :lol: oh, one thing i've almost forgot: on march 23rd i'm going to my 1st daughtry concert in berlin - i'm looking really forward to this concert :D

*have a nice week* :wave:
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well, today i just wanna thank you all for being my watchers :) and i'd like to tell you that my last test at university is tomorrow, after this i've almost 7 weeks semester break *joy* i hope i'll find enough time to finish my latest vector, only eyes and mouth are finished right now and they're almost 1000 paths :D

how ever, here is my big big thanks to you [btw: the order is irrelevant ;)]

:iconisavedlatin2x: :icongraphixthatmove: :iconcrazyany: :iconevilsheep: :iconeveellis: :iconhanghuhn: :icondreus76: :iconfl0urish: :iconmozart250: :iconlovelynearly: :iconjules1983: :icongodspeed60sec: :iconampguru: :icondomino-88: :iconmaquita: :iconvoodoobiatch: :iconxpoisonedxrosex: :iconesfmetal: :iconarcadianspaceship: :iconphotosnap: :iconpreosmo: :iconlilymoonmistress: :iconcaffeinese: :iconteally83: :iconmrredsdesigns: :iconcrymsonnyght: :iconblossomsmum: :iconaikurushii-lulu: :iconaedys: :iconsevenstreak: :iconwaltz-with-me: :iconmildainis: :iconboxet: :iconsir-bert-leaman: :iconkiller-katana: :iconpuzzysche: :iconmindinspiring: :iconnaru64: :iconlovelife-hateme: :iconuaeboyz: :iconagosbeatle: :iconwildchild-roxana: :iconqdstudios: :iconbintoboyah: :iconsubject-a27688: :iconmuraterdog: :iconthereynold:
and "savatefreak" [sry, but i didn't want a fylfot on my page]

and a big thanks to all who have :+fav:ed [one of] my works, too :hug:

edit [last edit: 01/03/2008]

got the idea to add the actual status of my latest vector-work

anything with [x] is done, the rest is waiting :lol:

[x] preparation/posterization
[x] eyes
[x] eyebrows
[x] nose
[x] mouth
[x] forehead
[  ] chin
[x] cheeks
[  ] neck
[  ] neckline
[  ] arms
[  ] hair
[  ] shirt
[  ] jewels [first jewels are done *jippieh*

-> still a lot to do but our removal is almost done - i have time *jump around* :rofl:
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today i've got my very first daily deviation. it's for the vector of "she's like madonna". i'm very, very happy about this and of course i'm proud of it. i've got about 600 fav's - anybody would be proud of this ;)

i'm really thankfull for each nice comment and for each fav!!! thank you all so much :) most of all i'd like to thank jussta for the suggestion and dczed for featuring :hug:

btw: i'm still working on a new vector, but university needs a lot of time, so i'll need some more weeks to finish the vector ;)