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September 25, 2021
Water Music by Happyhedonic
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Just a little water music

beside the soft moon light

A curious fire’s burning

inside this delicate night

If you want the waves

can carry you away

Floating you gently

unto another plane

Just a little water music

to ease the daily pain

a little water music

to send you on your way

She turned

somewhat startled

I smiled,

and her body eased

What do you search for out in the sea?

I asked her nonchalantly,

as wet sand squeezed delightfully

through her toes

It whispers of our past

and all we were

The secrets of the universe

live within the ocean tides

Time can change

and perspectives become rearranged

But, miraculous mysteries always flow

within her majestic waves

It also brings you

back to me, she explained

Away from your watery grave

I shed a tear

and stood with her

Soon I knew

I would have to go

We had the ocean

we held each other tight

We had this moment

we shared the night

These sorrows I feel

much deeper than fears

But somewhere all is well

Someday I'll join

you there

When all that went wrong

has disappeared

Then a love that once bloomed

can blossom anew

In this place...

that will never be

I'll wait for you

through eternity

As the new tide comes a rolling in

the old beach just gives a little away again

Like waves

we endless crash

upon the same shore

Each seemingly separately

but always a part

of the same intangible force

Flowing together as one

until the beach is done

We are all but tiny drops of water

that together form a mighty ocean

We are lost

but the ocean has direction

In time

the ocean will flow

back through us

And we will sail

like glorious ships

onto a beautiful new sea

A world inside each word

A lifetime inside a sound

Universes vibrating

A soft playful breeze is always dancing

and the water music never really stops

© 2021 Happyhedonic
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MCSteve34's avatar

I love it so so much! I've been wanting to write songs for awhile, and I have a deep appreciation for water. You showed me how deep you can make a song with the ocean, and you really inspired me to keep up my lyric writing. Amazing job!!!

Happyhedonic's avatar

Thanks, for the positive feedback and glad I could be of some help.

LindArtz's avatar

Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!!

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