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Journey to the edge

towards the old man's home

Spring into the night

like a jackal all alone

Feel the white heat rise

taste the sweet, cold burn

Swirling flames inside your head

cause substance and dreams to merge

Listen to the echoes

call you toward their home

Journey to the edge

watch the night explode

Look into the colors

of the flickering, dancing flames

Journey to the mountain

spend the night inside the cave

Be forewarned all passages

will not provide a safe return

Watch the flickering dancing flames

see the shadows forming into pictures

deep inside the cave

See the pictures as they dance by

Look deeper still into the flame

Passageways are everywhere

In vacant lots where stray cats

fight over scraps of rotten flesh

In the smoke that raises

from the factories

Inside the chemicals of acid rain

Through the darkness

that starts as twilight haze

In the caverns

with steps of stones

Islands formed from resignation and isolation

Behind the walls that hide you from me

Flowing within the fog

after ferocious thunder squalls

In the currents of a river

that knows not where it goes

Where nature paths

turn into concrete roads

Where the sky ends

and the earth begins

Inside the notions

of all suffering things

Between analytical reasoning

and our savage animalistic,

primitive needs

Passageways are everywhere

Follow them someday

You just might be surprised

Where they will lead

Years ago before my birth

Strangers had decided

What I was worth

Where I would live

How I would behave

What I would do

What I could say

Now many years have past

But little has changed

Endless thoughts

On this endless day

© 2021 Happyhedonic
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Wow, love the imagery. Thank You

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thanks for reading and the fav