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Time in a cage

with a toddlers brain

Corpses speeding

down the fast lane



it’s sad when your own madness

becomes entertaining

Rumbling through cabinets

trying to find a clue

The house feels like a prison

and my brain a barren womb

Majestic symmetries in the air

Glowing, flowing then disappear

Dripping, alternating, pulsating emotions

Seemingly breaking out of here

but always just leading back to the middle

of nowhere

Liquid Jesus coercing through my veins

There are so many windows into my shame

I stand cold naked

beside my grave

They are filling my bathtub

with iodine

I climb in

with a little death

behind my eyes

It’s almost time

Nuclear winter will soon be here

then the insects under my arm

will all disappear

I find myself

going nowhere

I feel so weak

I look so frail

Days hang lazily

Dreams are recollections

of a painful submission

Love isn’t just dead

It was murdered

By all of us

But none of us care

Tomorrow is just a promise

that will never arrive

And life itself,

has been nothing

but one cruel lie

Forgive me

Forgive us

I've had enough

© 2021 Happyhedonic
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This is so beautifully worded.

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Thanks, I really like the imagery in your poems, too.