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Once there was a guy called Alfred, aka America. He was forever alone at his home, because his uke UK was derping in gay bar with Japan's seme Greece and Germany's wife Italy.America felt fucking insulted, because Prussia told him that he's ugly and even Ivan Braginski doesn't want him become one with mother Russia. (Then Ivan raped Prussia and they lived happily ever after, but Belarus made demonstration, because she was homophobe.)America went mad and he ran upstairs, but he suddenly ran into someone... Um... What was his name... Canada, I guess? Well, America ran into... Kanada, and than sexually frustrated Alfred raped... Canata.

Well, you don't want to end up like Canada, don't you? But if you want, than don't send this anybody.
If you send this to 1-3 people, Ivan will come and make you one with mother Russia. (in other words you will have threesome with Russia and Prussia)
If you send this to 3-5 people, drunk UK will run into you and yell at you that you cheated on him with France. (in other words you will have threesome with UK and France)
If you send this to 5-10 people, you will find a videotape with Spamano porn at your bed.
If you send this to 10+ people, you will be invited to Italy's and Germany's wedding, yay!
aw, where's the porn version?! come on dude, don't trick me. lol
:iconimhappyplz: LETS BE HAPPEH FRENCHIE!

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