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Eddsworld Girls

i haven't drawn my girls since last year i think, i also included an extra cutey

i missed drawing them actually
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yes you tOtAlLy drew it, i dIdNt just see the sandra rivas 2016 mark

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That is Sandra's DeviantArt Acc u cant use your real NAME

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an absolutely iconic art. awesome job

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amazing yoooooooooooooooo

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why does it look like female tord is gonna kill female edd?

Maybe Ell had the last piece of bacon in the house, or a male version of Kim has moved in next door, and Tori wants to win him over first.

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You can be part of the Eddsworld reboot and Eddsworld Girls project I am creating. You can be part of it by clicking the link below:…
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I like how Tamara's hoodie is obviously too big for her. That's so cute!🥰
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I downloaded it cause how great it is!=P

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UwU very adorable!
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The girls of Eddsworld
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GirLs jUsT wAnNa haVe fUn
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A total bunch of cuties ! x3
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I feel bad that I only now just found this.

Also,That eddisode you worked on years ago? Nice.
I am  v e r y  late.
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Me too but like 2 months ago
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Richard Q.: We love you, Tamara. Especially when you are all alone in a pig's vagina, can you help us? We are not annoying you, we promise.Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  
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amazing! i love Eddsworld and Ellswrold
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