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Ah...Discord! Of course I'd get around to drawing him two months after the only episodes he'll appear in aired D :
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Discord: "I am wreaking chaos! You cannot stop me!"
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XandertheSuperbabeHobbyist General Artist
AWE! He's so cute in this!!
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Peaceblossom262Hobbyist General Artist
aw, little Discord
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HappyCrumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
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LonewolfTerrorStudent Digital Artist
discord is the best, he is so cute
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wackko200Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice drawing of him. He's cute!:)
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lol How does it feel to know he had a second episode? haha <3
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Discordfan123Hobbyist Filmographer
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TheOneBehindYouHobbyist Writer
Suddenly Discord, Discord everywhere~
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I love discord :D
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AmandaTaylorHobbyist General Artist
AWWW! :aww: :3
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SharpDressedReptileProfessional Filmographer
I need to draw this guy at some point
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HappyCrumbleHobbyist Digital Artist
I think discord would look pretty cool in your style, you should definitely go for it!
SharpDressedReptile's avatar
SharpDressedReptileProfessional Filmographer
It shall be done!
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rainbowdash13579Hobbyist Artist
discord is funny heheheh
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ZebraMindCandyHobbyist General Artist
So I always thought his body was like a ferret? :o
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KIN3SISHobbyist General Artist
You made Discord look cute! An amazing villain, in an amazing style! :+fav:
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SuperSkyFandomsLumStudent Digital Artist
Great job on Discord! ^__^
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bluestar114Student Artisan Crafter
whenever i eat dairy food (milk, ice cream, cheeze, etc) i burp
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GlitchedBatHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this guy
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Solis-StarweaverStudent Digital Artist
discord you are so awesome
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onemariobroHobbyist General Artist
:icondiscord-plz: :iconsaysplz: IM BACK
:iconfacepalmplz: :iconsaysplz: and your A DRAGON
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