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A fantasy RPG/visual novel.

Project Webste:

Story: Based in an original fantasy world (, this is the story of how one woman changed the entire nation of Edernim. "Seraphine" was the name of a legendary child who held a unique ability to destroy demon-like creatures. However, she disappeared suddenly in her childhood. Since she was the last hope for the land, it quickly began to fall into ruin. The game tells the tale of the party that was formed to call the legendary Seraphe again, and the romance in between.

- Female lead, 3+ romancable characters; a game for the ladies~!
- Full, Immersive Soundscapes
- Unique RPG Battle System
- 8+ Recruitable Characters
- Multiple Endings
- RenPy Game Engine (…)

Characters: Players can expect to play as the woman named Ere. She is a hopeless helper at her local inn, and is a social outcast because people consider her mentally ill. She meets several characters, beginning with Basil, a very proud, but very exiled nobelman, and Lander, his sea-faring friend, who is more a gentleman than he appears. The rest are for you to discover! Everyone in this world has a secret it seems. Can you reveal them all?

Writer, Programmer, Colorist: Aleema :iconmaselphie:
Character Sprite Artist: StriderDen :iconstriderden:

*no artist positions open at this time*


Additional Artwork (Commissioned):

Character Portraits by ~AngelofDeathz :iconangelofdeathz:
Seraphine:…, Basil:…

Watercolor by ~LannySu :iconlannysu:

Couple portraits by ~breisa :iconbreisa:

Character illustrations by *blewh :iconblewh:
PrincessFawna Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
I played the demo, and I found it really interesting! I look forward to the full game, good luck!
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February 1, 2011


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