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I am currently taking requests for linked hearts and gender symbols.

If you want something custom, please let me know!
I'm not often on deviantART, though.
If you would like to reach me quickly, try


or LiveLuvCreate…

or My Candy Love…

or Pinterest

or Patreon…

or Facebook

or Twitter


Please PM me on multiple accounts if you need something in a hurry!
My work can keep me very busy sometimes and give me lots of time to play at other times,
but if you have something very specific in mind, I can do it more quickly.

It's free to request, and only a small number of points to download what I make.
Once you've downloaded it, feel free to use it for anything!
So, I want some more things to make into amulet bags to sell on ebay. If anyone would like to contribute awesome patterns, please let me know and we'll work out some kind of deal.
Recently, I've been playing around with linking hearts together to make cute images. Basically, I just use the hearts to frame other images or make decorations. I would like to make more as gifts for people, so step right up and make a request! You can PM me or leave a comment here. Just fill out this form:

Circle of hearts or straight chain?: Do you want the hearts to be displayed all in a row like this, or looped back together like this? I may be able to make different shapes as well. Just describe what you have in mind, and I'll see if I can do it.

Number of hearts: How many hearts do you want in the picture? I will do a maximum of eighteen hearts.

Colors: Would you like all the hearts to be the same color, a rainbow, alternating between two colors, or a repeating set of three or more colors? Be sure to specify whether you would like the colors to be light, dark, pastel, or give me some color samples so that I can match the colors.

Effects: Would you like them simple like this or beveled so that they look kinda metallic like this?

Anything extra: Would you like it plain, or would you like any special someone(s) in the hearts? I can either use the individual hearts as frames like I did here, or encircle an image like I did here. I support all types of love regardless of gender, race, number, or other factors, so don't be shy!

I'm doing all this for free, but if you would like to throw a few points my way or do an art trade, it would be greatly appreciated.

So, I really don't feel like messing around with photography anymore. However, I am getting into fanfiction. I have one chapter of one of my stories posted here, but everything else you can find on under the name of K5Rakitan. I do not see much point in posting everything here as well and trying to keep two accounts active at the same time with the same content. If you really want me to post all of my writing here for any reason, just let me know and I will consider updating more here.

I am also looking for artists who want to draw Seto Kaiba, Serenity, and Mokuba together. Maybe some other characters, too. I do not have the money to pay anyone, but maybe I can write something for you. Time for time?
Howdy Folks!

There are many reasons why I am not submitting new art.
1) I am in college and don't have the time for it
2) The nice camera broke
3) The photo editing software on my laptop sucks and I am too cheap to pay for the good stuff
4) There are other things I would rather do ;)
Why isn't anyone talking about the birth of Jesus Christ? That's what Christmas is really all about. I'm not into extreme holiday decorations, especially before Christmas, but Christmas has real meaning to me.

What bugs me is how the holiday decorations go up before Christmas and even before Advent. Advent is the time of preparation in the Christian calendar before Christmas. We have a wreath with four candles and talk about the immaculate conception and John the Baptist.

What bugs me even more is how the holiday decorations go down after the first day of Christmas. Remember the twelve days of christmas song? That's real. Those twelve days of Christmas start when Jesus is born and lead up to the time we celebrate the coming of the Magi (Three "wisemen" or "kings" who bring gifts to Jesus)

I don't mean to ruin your holiday celebrations if you don't beleive in Jesus, but if you do, please go to church and understand what Advent/Christmas/Epiphany is all about.