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If anyone is interested in the design development of her, here's a link to my blog that talks a little bit about the process behind it all:…

Just scroll past the final images of her. Hope someone finds it useful!

Like, share, and spread the word.  I'll love you for it :)


Facebook Art Page:…


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Basically the character design it's a copy of Etain from Centurion, but the artwork is great. I love the different digital tecniques used to paint this, looks very realistic.
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Wonderful piece. I found this image on the web and was immediately taken by it.  I wonder if you would mind if I did a 3D piece based on it? With credits and link of course. Non-commerical, just for personal enjoyment as part of my course studies. In any case, very nice work.
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me encanta boudica y todo lo relacionado a su historia, es una de las mas fascinantes, teniendo en cuenta que fue una mujer que se opuso al imperio romano 
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I like it ! Very amazing work !!!!
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So badass. One of my favorite historical ladies.
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This is amazing. I absolutely love this!
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I read how you developed her (which was really interesting), and I gotta say aside from your excellent design, etc, god bless your soul for having a mighty need for practical armor. It just makes so much more sense that all warriors would be practical when it comes to armor. I don't know who she is but she's really eye catching and intimidating here!
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Amazing work!
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Bodicae or Boudica/ Bouddica was brave enough to fight against the Roman invaders,
your drawing is a beautiful tribute to her ! :)
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Wow, I like the warrior look! Nice!~ :D
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Perfect ! Almost makes me play Rome total war... yes ill do just that ! Also it was fun to read about the process !
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Glad you liked the process stuff :) sorry for the delay in my reply!
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:D no worries !
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Fascinating, and, from the point of view of the Romans, pretty terrifying! Historically accurate or not, at least we finally have a Boudicca who for once doesn't look like a Red Sonja knock off. Congrats!
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Agreed, she looks like how a Celt warrior, regardless of gender, would have looked. Most ppl think Celts went into battle naked, and sometimes this was the case. But generally, they appreciated good, lightweight armor, moreso then even the Romans did.
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I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the comment :) sorry for the delay in my reply!
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Thanks. :) sorry for the delay in my reply!
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This is awesome!!!!!!! Love the concept version and the finished version just blew me away
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Glad you lime it. Thanks for the comment :) sorry for the delay in my reply!
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