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Assassin's Creed V: Character Designs

My vision of an Assassin in Victorian London.  Don't forget to check out the additional image of this character in my gallery.

If anyone wants to check out any of the development work for this image, just click on the link below :)…

EDIT:  100,000 views!!!  This is a record for me!! Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support of this image.  I try to reply to all of the comments I receive, but there's quite a lot of them now!  So please don't feel like you're being ignored, I will get there eventually :)  again, many thanks to anyone who has liked, shared, followed, commented and just generally clicked on my work!

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Zombiemanguy250's avatar
if only we can custom our character in the next assassin creed game.
Awesome art bro :D
May i use it for an oc kind of concept with credits given?
*insert user hiding behind table*
Hello, I was curious as to if i could use your picture as a visual reference for and RPG i am apart of?
ayashige's avatar
Hey, do you know of this? Looks to me like somebody stole your work.
LadyAnnatar's avatar
shame they didn`t make the new character more like this. This one seems to have everything...
MiQi-Mannikin's avatar
Love it! I will definitely make it and wear it everywhere! :squee: 
TripleR309's avatar
Absolutely loving your design!
Looks great. Hoping Victory will have characters I could actually give a damn what may happen to them unlike Unity.
ArchAngelSx's avatar
Personally I thought it they did go on with an AC5, I thought it would take place during either the days of WWII where Hitler was actually killed as opposed to suicide, or during the Sengoku period of Japan and your protagonist must kill Nobunaga Oda. I mean they had plenty of famous real life folk as good guys (Washington's tyranny is an AU, and therefore does not count as canon), so why not have a famous person as a bad guy for once?
DrZurnPhD's avatar
I want that outfit.
GACandTLKfan's avatar
How hilarious is this now that a Victorian Era game has been announced...
HollowFactor's avatar
How much would be charged for a picture of assassin mode for one of my characters?
totalbacon's avatar
how amazing is it that the new assassin actually looks like this! so great!
IronWarrior777's avatar
I know right?! This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the new pictures
totalbacon's avatar
i really do hope ubisoft actually asked and didnt just steal this, because they look so similar
IronWarrior777's avatar
Agreed, hopefully they were able to share info and ideas
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
He gon' fight fo' da Nazis?
GERSillySausage's avatar
Victorian London. The Victorian Time Period would be something among the lines of 1836-1901, when Queen Victoria the First, Her Majesty the Queen of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as the British Empire reigned and blessed the Kingdom with a period of Progress and Prosperity.

That means, even if it would be awesome (which it undoubtably is) no, he is not going to shoot dem Nazis. Sorry to say, but he came too early to the party. (no pun intended. Party, as in NS Party. Get it? No? Aw.)
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
I didn't mean it seriously. XD
Sorry, I"m no history buff.
Still, he looks like he shoudl be doing something with Nazis.
x-nightfire-x's avatar
This is awesome ! His face on the third picture reminds me of the Prowler :)
Miruae's avatar
This is an absolutely fantastic design; not only does your commendable art talent make this look like a legitimate concept, but your design has managed to completely resemble the sorts of designs you would find in the franchise. Honestly gorgeous! :) I hope to see more of this character from you.
Yowan2008's avatar
Thanks again for your permission and here is my 3D Art of your Assassin.
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