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Polymer Cakes

My first and second trie at some polymer clay cakes, based, of course, off Talty's amazing cake tutorial: [link]

Comments on the first ones:

I need to work on sizing the pieces better and the frosting. Of course, they could use some decoration as well! Next time.

I was baking them inside some oven bags, and of course, I messed up and the plastic from the bag landed on the fronting of the cakes. I shaved it off and put some more frosting on, then used the shaved bits as sprinkles for the cake on the left. So hooray for mistakes!

Comments on the second one:

I didn't like how the TLS was working, so I went with clay to make it more like that special frosting that I can't remember the name of. I also printed out Talty's cake guide so they line up now! Yay! I still need work, of course, which is why I just updated this instead of making a new one, but I'm getting better.
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I love them! They're specially good for your first and second try :meow: thank you for trying my tutorial! I think that the color and the texture of the cakes is just perfect :meow:

That's a great way to take advantage of your mistakes :clap: hooray! I'm also glad that the printed template helped you :meow:
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Yeah, I think I did well on color and texture. I'm going to keep at it until I get the frosting just right! And the printed template is wonderful. Oh and I used the little metal casing from a tealight candle to cut the second one. It's flimsy so you have to be gentle but I thought I'd tell you in case anyone asks you about circle cutting.
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That sounds like a great tip, I'll make sure to share it if someone asks me about the cutting :D thanks for sharing!
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i think this is a very good first try. the chocolate covering looks yummy :)
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It does look quite gooey and delicious, yes! Not quite cake frosting, but still tasty looking.
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and that's exactly what (polymer-)cake making is all about ;)
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Yup! That's what's so great! :D
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they look so realistic :)
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Thanks! I still think I need some work on the frosting. I'm excited to try again soon! Glad you liked it, though.
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