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ZM0155 OLS Noble Blood - Nova




General Info

Owner: Happy-Horse-Stable

Official Name: OLS Noble Blood

Stable Name: Nova

Stabled at: Golden Bough Stables

Gender: Mare

Breed: Zlesdin

Age: 1 yo

Height: Expected 170 cm [16.3 hands]

Color: Bay

Genotype: Ee/Aa [Passes on her long silky tail]

Eyes: Brown

Registered: H-I-E-F & HARPG-International & Zlesdin

Original Design: fav.me/damb21s by TerracottaVulture 



Personality: A very sweet and hardworking mare. She has loads of energy (much like her father), and she enjoys to work. She pics things up easily, and seems to like to learn. But, she is also very proud, and does want to be treated like the queen she thinks she is. She has that part from her mum. As long as you don't piss her off, she is great to work with, but you don't want to come on her bad side! She has a lovely silky tail, like her mum, and she will pass this trait on to her offspring.

Best Friend:

Favourite Treat: Peppermints

Quirks: She loves to splash her feet in water.

Dislikes: People touching her feet. She allows us to pick up her feet, but it never goes without her disagreeing first.

History: She was born and raised at Oak Land Stables from TerracottaVulture. There she has started her basic groundworks, which she picked up great. She is with us since she was a yearling.



Discipline: Dressage, Endurance

Handler: Isa & Daphne

Competing: Not yet

Training: Foal Training

Trophy's and Awards

ZA Studbook approved: 
Ribbon: fav.me/dayrrrs
Grading Diploma: fav.me/dazaei4



------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: RD's Marquess Raymond
------------------------------------------ SDS:  Unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: RD's Sir Tan
----------------- DS: RD's Sir Dusk
------------------------------------------ DSD: MR Shadow Queen
Dam: DRM Principessa del crepuscolo
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: DRM Signora in bianco
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown



Breeding Status: Closed untill she is old enough [Reservations can be made]

Restrictions: Only open to Zlesdins

Breeding Fee: Breedingpic & 25 :points: or offer


1. TerracottaVulture

2. Concinnity-Castle

3. BonBonBerry

4. Mine

5. Mine

6. Open

7. Open




Art Log: sta.sh/01oagay7l3ak
:iconzlesdin: 40 ZP Fleder
:iconh-i-e-f: 6 CP :star:
:iconharpg-international: 23 XP Entry Level

Old Reff: ZM0155 OLS Noble Blood .SOLD. by TerracottaVulture
Nova's first outing - Zlesdin Winter Grading Show - Studbook approved fav.me/dazanby
fav.me/ddx0jrt - Let Me Teach You About Grass


Refference fav.me/d63xubv by Martisia 

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Love it!Just want to add that her long tail gene is dominant (so her foals will have super long tails like her dam :D) just saying you may wanna put that in her breeding section or not hehe idc I'll add her to her moms offspring list