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Sneaky Bastard! Dunerace

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Published: September 8, 2016
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Soooo, this is my entry for the amazing Dunerace KimenLie is holding. I would have wanted to put more effort in this, but school had me busy, and I really had to struggle to even finish it in time. 

BUT... I didn't trace for this. I guess it's kinda noticable, most certainly in the humans... they suck XD But I'm quite okay with how the powns turned out ;-)
And, yeah, the hands have vanished.. let's say they are holding on to the manes, and the manes cover them up, or something like that. But let's be honest... hands are shit to draw... Faces even more, so that's why they are covered up... But let's pretend it's just because of the sandy dunes, they don't want to eat sand XD...

Right Horse: Karim fav.me/d98uopp
Rider: Isa
Left Horse: KimenLie's Dutch Wizard fav.me/d8vuf9u
Rider: KimenLie's Luciano 
Show: CBS's Dune Race fav.me/da54mrb
Results: to be judged

I'll add a story tomorrow, after 17:00 :s

Refference Karim (not traced) fav.me/d5o6d7d by ByMelody
Refference Dutch Wizard (not traced) fav.me/d5kqfzo by CuoreMia
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MotherMustangHobbyist Digital Artist
girl, you didn't trace this??? I didn't even notice until I read it :la:
hands are indeed shit to draw XD especially digitally... and so are faces :P clever way to avoid it! :clap:
you really don't need to trace anymore. It looks really, really good! I think tracing has helped you so far, (zoals zijwieltjes) but from now on, you can ride that bike on your own :la: I think tracing will now only be detrimental to your art skills 
Happy-Horse-Stable's avatar
Happy-Horse-StableHobbyist Digital Artist
Uhu uhuuuu, I'm kinda proud myself XD

Nawh, thanks so much for the trust! <3 I actually kinda enjoyed it, so maybe I'll start tracing less from now on. But maybe I'll just trace the humans, or at least their stupid hands and faces XD
MotherMustang's avatar
MotherMustangHobbyist Digital Artist
good, you should be! :D :tighthug:
faces zijn ook lastig XD met name expressions that don't suck donkey balls :c

good girl X3 *pats head* ik sta iniedergeval helemaal achter je <3 
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KimenLieStudent Digital Artist
think it's a very good thing you didn't trace :la: horses look great ! x3 you don't need any tracing for them for sure. Also..hands, indeed. Suck ballz. haha clever to cover them up with manes. :giggle: Wiz his markings look so neat and spot on ! best of luck to your team :la: thanks for entering !
Happy-Horse-Stable's avatar
Happy-Horse-StableHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyouthankyouuuuu <3
ghehehe, well, yeah, that was the only way I could kinda make this work :P

Phew, his markings certainly were a challange, especially since I didn't have much time XD glad you liked it!