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Dennis and Alex Meeting

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'Goooodmorning!' Isa said to Alex. 'You know what day it is today? Your horsie is comming!'
'Hmmm, yeaah, goodmorning to you to. How could I forgot!' Alex smiled back at her.
They got out of bed and had breakfast together. After that they started on the regular tasks, like feeding the horses, cleaning out the stables and training.
Before they knew it was 2 'o clock, and they heard a car come up the driveway.
'Alex!' Isa yelled, 'they're here!' 
They met with the woman drivng the car, Renée. She owned a stable about 30 minutes from the GB Stables. They had to sell a couple of horses, Alex and Isa went to the stable to check them out.
Alex was looking for a Sporthorse for himself for a while now, and he'd found a nice horse at Renée's barn.
His name was Dennis, a 4 yo Dutch Warmblood Stallie. Sweet and willing to work with promising moves.
Today was the day, Dennis would come live at GB Stables for a few weeks, just to see if Alex and Dennis would click.
And now they were here.

Renée got in to the trailer, and got Dennis out. The young stallion looked around curiously, but he didn't looked too concerned about the new environement. 
'Let's put him into the meadow, so he can adjust, while we go inside to talk things through' Isa said.
Once the most important parts were talked through, Alex stood up and walked out. 'I'm going to meet Dennis, I'll be right back.'
He got to the meadow and looked at the chestnut horse grazing in the middle of the pasture. 'Hi boy, you think we'll be friends?' He said quitly to him. Dennis lifted his head and looked at him. After a while, he came a bit closer, but far enough for Alex not to reach  him. Alex jumped over the fence, into the meadow. Now the horse came even closer, his eares pointed forward, but with a relaxed expression over his face. His eyes were soft and he tried to connect with the man standing in front of him. Alex stood before the horse, just feeling their energy before he reached out for him, and softly laid his hand on the stallions nose.
'I guess we will get along fine boy, get used to your new home.'


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