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Carried by Light - Karim @ NIEC15

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Published: October 14, 2015
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Ohmygawd, I think this is one of my 'best' pieces yet! I'm very happy how it turned out! I've put a lot of time in this entry, and also in the background. I normally don't do background like these, I normally make them simpler... But I tried my best, and this came out! And I also tried to work more with light, where it comes from. And I tried to give the horse a golden glow... So yeaah, I'm pretty pleased. But seeing what others make for this competition, I realise I have a LOT to learn.... ghehe

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- Karim fav.me/d98uopp
- Isa Leeuwenhart
- Golden Bough Stables
- Netherlands
- Dressur
- Open for rp
- NIEC15 > fav.me/d8u65tc
- # 205

A trip to Norway, that was what Isa and Alex where planning. There was this great competition NIEC, and they wanted to enter with Karim and Socks. It needed some persuation from Isa's part, Alex thought Norway was so far away, why couldn't they just enter a competition in the area! But besides this being a very prestigous event, Isa REALLY wanted to go to Norway, for the area, the landscape, the clearness of the air. And ofcourse, she wanted to go there because she wanted to see the Northern Lights! Once she had shown pictures of it to Alex, he was won over, they would go to Norway, for the NIEC ánd for the Northern lights.

'Are you sure I'm not to big for him?' Alex asked, while looking down to the skinny white horse he was sitting on. He felt like a mast on a tiny ship, sticking out wayyyyy to high. 'Alex, just put your legs around him, you aint gonna crush him to death or something!' 'Are you sure?' Alex asked nervously. He had never ridden Karim before, he was always on his own horses, which were strong, and big, and large, and when he would look down he would see a strong thick neck. And his legs would fit nicely round their muscly bodies. But now, when he looked down, he saw a thin neck, with a thin head, and thin ears. His legs were to long, so he felt like crushing the arab stallion. His walk was also very different, light and smooth, instead of strong and brisk. 'Look Alex, he doesn'n mind, I don't mind, you're the only one who minds... I can't put you on Socks. Alex looked over at Isa, who was riding Socks. While Karim stood perfectly still the whole time Alex was wondering why he was sitting on him, Isa had her hands full with Socks. The nervous mare was flipping her head, stamping with her hooves, twisting and turning and trotting in place. New places weren't her thing. Now Alex where glad he was riding Karim. He sighed. 'Okay, let's just go, and don't mind me, when I'm squeeling or something, I just have to adjust!' 'Okay, Let's go find us some northern lights!' Isa said, while finally letting Socks walk, guiding her onto a track that would lead them to a beautifull viewing point.

They were here for a few days, making it a minor holiday. They listened to the forcast everyday, and asking people in town when would be the best chance to see the northern lights. And today could be the night.

They were riding for about an hour, Socks calming down more and more, and Alex feeling secure more and more. Then they saw it, a green glow came from the sky, changing the colour of everything around them. The light came in waves, in curles and in shapes. Isa expected Socks to freak out, but she didn't. The four of them just stood there, totally in awe, watching the skies, the clouds and the lights comming over the mountain tops in front of them. It was the most beautiful sight Isa had ever seen in her life, and she couldn't help but cry.

They stood there, watching, for more then half an hour, and then they had to get back, because it was getting late, and they were VERY cold! When they arrived at the stables, they first put the horses to bed, with nice thick blankets and a warm meal, and then they got inside, sat around the fireplace, under some blankets with some nice cocoa, with whipped cream ofcourse.

A couple days later, was the big day. The day of the competition for Isa and Karim. They would do dressage, and they started late in the evening, when the sun was setting. The sky was all kinds of colours, Yellow, Red, Purple and Blue. Right before they got into the ring, Isa looked at the sky behind the mountains one more time, before she had to focus on the competition. She thought of the day they saw the northern lights, and sighed. One more look. Wait, what was that, did she also saw some green in the sky? No, that couldn't be. Okay, focus, Isa, Competition, Karim, Dressage, Now...

They did their round, and Karim felt like he was flying, they felt like one. Isa was very pleased with their performance, but kept wondering, was it the northern light she saw, right before entering? Was it possible? She guessed she would just never know... 

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mooi gedaan  die achtergrond 
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