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World Dog Show 2018 Announcement by CanidaeMayhem World Dog Show 2018 Announcement :iconcanidaemayhem:CanidaeMayhem 23 30
Black Rock Stables Back To School-ing Event
Hey! It's almost that time of year! Summer is almost over, you're scrambling to get your supplies in order, and schools about to start up again! What do you mean you've been sleeping all this time?! Wake Up! This is BRS's first event!
Welcome to Black Rock Stables Back To School-ing Event! Join us in North Georgia, USA as we close out the summer with our very first event!
Rules and Guidelines Pencil Pencil Pencil 
This is an EFFORT based show.
 Pre registration is not required. Deadline: August 15th, 2018 (Extensions may be granted)Art must be made for this event! No commissions, no premade linearts or backgrounds.Tracing/referencing is allowed with proper credit!Traditional art and digital art welcome! No photo manips or photo backgrounds please!Be a good sport! Don't heckle the judge (me) or other participants!
:iconinfinite-dog:Infinite-Dog 27 34
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[CACIT] All Breed EgP Field Trial

^ Show Background ^
Hunting and Field Trials
[Pointers, Setters, Spaniels, Retrievers, Scenthounds, Coonhounds, and Misc]
The American club for the Egyptian Pointer breed has so graciously offered to hold an all breed field trial for those interested in trialing but cannot stand the Egyptian heat. This trial is open to all gundogs as well as scenthounds, coonhounds, and miscellaneous, able breeds. Please make sure to enter the correct category for your breed. If you're unfamiliar, don't hesitate to ask questions!   
Start Date: July 5th, 2018        End Date: August 5th, 2018
MidnightAyaDARPG is awarding CACITs for this event. 

<< General Rules >>
1. Unlimited entries permitted, background may be reused for each entry.
2. You must be a member of a
:iconmidnightayadarpg:MidnightAyaDARPG 15 8
Champion Australian Shepherd Litter!
Honored, Champion, Australian Shepherd Litter Announcement!
With the impending Championship and Honored rank of BAR W Kool Flashpoint... It's time for puppies! 
Both the sire and dam will be Honored Champions with Kennel-Club 
Puppies will be health tested. 
Taking reserves - we are expecting approximately 7 puppies. 
Puppies will cost 30 :points: or three title images of one of my dogs. 
Litter is expected sometime next week - Payments should be made at the time of selection.
Reserves list
PoTL: Elemental-Elrii 
rPotL: fierfairy42 
3: Poolpaw 
4: Fervious 
5: Happy-Horse-Stable
6: Saydieh
7: BlinkKennels 
:iconelemental-elrii:Elemental-Elrii 3 14
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Just a girl who loves animals and has a lot of fantasy!

I was active on horse-nation, and deviantart a while ago, under the name Karim18 and 18Karim18. Now I'm starting all over again. Some characters will come back.


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Playtime Is The Best Time!
All these puppers never got drawn by me before, shame on me! So I figure it was time to draw these guys, in one picture, all together!
Boy, did this take some time.. But I also love the outcome ^^ (Not that the sizes are correct or anything, but idek xD)

In this picture are:
Geronimo (White and grey

Abbey (lightbrown Boxer pup)

Kobi (Black poodle)

Dakota (Brown Setter pup)

Sass (Blonde Corgi)

Nitro (Black Australian Shepherd)

Alwin (Darkgrey Dachshund)


Leroy walked into the kitchen, poured himself a cup of coffee, and sat down on one of the kitchentable chairs. He was early this morning, none of the other staff had arrived yet, and he heared the shower running upstairs. Probably Isa or Alex. He flipped through his phone, waiting for the others to arrive so they could talk about the day before them. Leroy was really surprised when both Isa and Alex walked into the kitchen, not comming from upstairs, but from outside. 'Huh, where are you two comming from?' he asked. 'Myrthe wasn't feeling too well last night, so we got up early to check up on her.' Alex answered. 'All is fine now, luckily.' Isa complemented. Before Leroy could ask who was it who had been showering then, he heard footsteps on the stairs. He turned his head, and to his surprise he saw Simon comming down. 'What are you doing here?' Leroy asked. Simon, feeling kind of caught red handed for some reason, blushed from his neck. 'Uh, my car broke down last night, and I was closest to here, so I walked here. But they were busy with Myrthe, so it was better I stayed.' Simon answered. 'I slept on the couch' he felt like he needed to clarify. Leroy didn't really answer, so there was an awkward silence in the air as Simon completed his walk down the stairs, and sat acros from Leroy at the kitchen table. Saved by the merry humming that was unmistakenly Daphne, Simon got up again to get some breakfast and coffee. After a while all the staffmembers were present, and Isa began talking about the day. Leroy had a 'free' couple of hours later that day. That didn't mean he was off work, but he could choose to spend them at the stables however he wanted. He could go on a hike, do some stablechores, do some extra training, whatever he felt like he needed. Each member had at least a couple of those hours every week. Today the sun was out, it was a nice day. So leroy decided to take a couple of dogs and pups out for a hike and take them to the large playing field.

After riding Bailando, training Hill on the long reigns, and lunging Mozart, Leroy headed to the dogs. First he trained with Watson and Tess. And then it was finally time for his 'free hours'. He decided who he was taking with him, and grabbed their gear. He put the collars on Geronimo, Abbey, Kobi, Dakota, Sass, Nitro and Alwin, packed some foldable drinkingbowls, some water and some snacks and off they went. He took the shortest route to the playingfield, as there were puppies amongst the pack, as well as two short-legged dogs. It was only a 15 minute hike. The pups behaved perfectly, really being part of the pack. Ofcourse there was some tail-biting and earflapping in the beginning, but the pups behaved soon after being corrected by one of the adult dogs. Then they arrived at the playingfield. This was a large, fenced area, officially owned by Golden Bough for a few months now. Earlier it was the property of the local government, but they pushed it off, as it was too high-maintenance. So GB bought it. Other locals were allowed to use it still, but needed to register. This way it was easier to keep track of things. This afternoon it was completely quiet, which Leroy loved. He unclicked the collars to the dogs, and let them do their thing. He set up 'camp' in the shades, unfolding a couple of bowls and filling them with water. Then he got his book out of his bag, and started to read, keeping an eye on the dogs as well. 

It was lovely to see all their different personalities as they played along. There was Alwin, just being his layed back (litteraly) self, not being bothered by the others. He decided his belly could use some tan. Then there was the little bit provocative and enthousiastic Nitro, trying to get into trouble by challenging Sass, who ofcourse had none of that shit, and Diva'd right out of there, on her way to Leroy for a bellyrub. Little Dakota had taken a liking in the large black poodle, Kobi. He ofcourse loved her cheerfull and fluffy personality, and played with her ever so sweetely. And then the two wild ones, Abbey and Geronimo. They were unstoppable, running around, chasing each other. 

Later, all the pups and dogs gathered around Leroy in the shades, having played enough for now, and feeling hot from the sun. After some puppy-naps, Leroy clicked on their collars and the pack headed home. When they got back, he learned that most of the crew had allready gone home. 'I guess we stayed out a bit too long, it was too nice' he laughed when he saw Isa. After bringing the dogs to the kennels, he walked past Simon who was putting the last horses in the paddock. 'Hey, how are you getting home?' Leroy asked. 'Alex can drive me in a few hours' Simon answered. 'It'd be nice to get some fresh clothes on' he laughed. 'I could also give you a ride? Then you don't have to wait, I'm leaving in a couple of minutes.' Leroy proposed. 'Oh, but I am here with my motorcycle, so I don't know if you dare to get on the back?' he added with a smirk. 'I was going to say no, you don't have to take a detour for me. But after that challenge, I can't really say now, right?' Simon answered with a cocky grin. 'You got an extra helmet?' 'Yup, don't worry. Leave in ten minutes?' 'Great, meat you out front!' Simon said, as he walked back to the stables to collect his stuff. He had been on the back of a motorcycle before, so he knew what to expect. When they met out front, Leroy handed him his helmet. He put it over his head, and got on the bike behind Leroy. 'Hold on' Leroy said, and Simon carefully grabbed the sides of his torso. 'No, really hold on' Leroy insisted, and he grabbed Simons armes, and pulled them around his waist, so that Simon leaned on Leroys back with his chest. Then Leroy pulled up, and they both blamed the butterflies in their stomachs to the quick pull up. 

Geronimo by Sinned-angel-stock
Abbey by Alyeska907
Kobi by malrymoo
Dakota Own picture
Sass by Jaded-Night-Stock 
Nitro by Lakela
Alwin Own picture


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