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Running: Deadline is August 15th, 2014
Event Type: Pony Steeplechase 
Class/Classes: Steeplechase 
Restrictions: Mount must be a Pony 11hh or shorter, jockey must be appropriate size for pony, and atleast 4 years old, but not exceed 13.

Why not? Its flippen adorable.

Dont have a Pony? Lease one! :dummy: This is too cute to pass up, y'all!!! I will also be making Shetland Pony imports shortly.
Shetland Pony Adopts 2 by happy-horse-for-life
Or, make your own! :eager:
:new:I just became Co-Founder of :iconshetland-pony-harpg: and I highly encourage you to join!

This show is meant to be silly and fun like this:

The following videos are a bit more serious, but feel free to watch them for references.

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlackThe RulesBullet; BlackBullet; Purple
Bullet; Green Tracing is alloud!
Bullet; Green Collabs are permitted!
Bullet; Red Do not re-use old art- the entry must have been made after the creation date of this show!
Bullet; Red Backgrounds must be drawn and yours!
Bullet; Red The pony must be 11hh tall or SHORTER! 
Bullet; Green Enter as many ponies as you want so long as they qualify! It doesn't matter if they are realistic or not, but they MUST be 11hh or shorter!

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlackThe JudgingBullet; BlackBullet; Purple
This event will be judged by the public through Polls subject to vote <3
So yes, it is effort based! People will vote for their favorites, so that is how it will be judged.
Since this show is judged by the public, I may enter my own ponies as well.

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenThe PrizesBullet; GreenBullet; Green
Trophy 1st Place Trophy
Point Right Ribbon
Point Right 150 :points: Donated by AshleyInspirations

Trophy 2nd Place Trophy
Point Right Ribbon

Trophy 3rd Place Trophy
Point Right Ribbon

Trophy 4th Place and Lower Trophy
Point Right Participation Rosette

Star! Please feel free to donate prizes ;) (Wink)

© 2014 - 2021 happy-horse-for-life
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kela-art's avatar
I'm guessing this is not open xD
Mimi-McG's avatar
Definitely entering Charlie for this! 
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
Oh good, I was hoping to see him enter!
Mimi-McG's avatar
I think he'll enjoy it! And Erin is a good enough six year old to ride him round it!
EspressoShots's avatar
do they have to be real breeds, or can minis from other groups enter too?
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
They do not have to be real breeds :aww:
They just have to be short.. so be sure to know the height requirement :D
EspressoShots's avatar
awesome, height is noted, thanks dear!
Kio-Mystery's avatar
im not entirely clear as to what the contest is suppose to be XD im sorry
I would like to join in it but can I ask what is it we are suppose too draw?
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
If you have a pony character under 11hh, you draw it being ridden/competing in the competition. And the placings are chosen through voting polls.
AshleyInspirations's avatar
I'll enter 2 of my ponies and riders. Also I'm willing to donate 150 points for the first place prize.
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
Cant wait to see!
And, Added~
Helsinge's avatar
....Oh fine, why not :XD:  I've got a big long list of other things I've been planning to do, but it's been a while since Indiana Jones last made an appearance, and he's telling me he's itching to hit the track again :XD:
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
Cant wait to see your entry!
CadaverousDingo's avatar
I may have to join in. Also, signal boosted for ya c:

I may also offer a prize once I decide what I want to offer
painted-cowgirl's avatar
This almost looks like too much fun not to join in :giggle: *looks pointedly to her shetlands*
painted-cowgirl's avatar
Somehow, I imagine that I might have to turn one of my little ponies into a gaming pony. Just because I think between that and this kind of stuff, I'd keel over from the fluffy amazingness XD
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
Thats my plan with mine ;)
So cute.
painted-cowgirl's avatar
Gaming ponies are hilarious to watch. We had a little girl at fair on an english pony (she'd won I believe the english junior youth high point the day before) and they were running in the gymkhana. That pony could crow hop in a dead run and not lose any speed. It was hilarious to watch.
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