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Emote Story Project Page 6



My contribution to =Web5teR's Emote Story Project

So this week wasn't the best for me, it was very very very busy :iconeratsplz: I was barely was home, and before I knew it 5 days were up :nuu: Kept the three emotes from page 5, but I made Dio evil-er :mwahaha:

Page 6 Sotry Fragment

Dio put on the wizard's hat, and a change came over the forest. Everything turned dark. The trees, the grass, the sky. By the end of the day, the once lively forest became a place of evil and despair.

I will ask for no critiques at the moment, please :icon8buckplz:

Art © =happy-gurl :stinkeye:

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this looks like Loom! :eager: oh the fragile pattern we weave!